Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Week 1

Hello everyone!

My first week here has felt like 10 months the saying here is "days are weeks and weeks are days" im still waiting for the last part to kick in though.  First day of class I swear we werent speaking french.  Everyone in my class speaks really good french already except me and another elder.  My companions are Elder Okano and Elder Roberts im in a triple companionship.  They both already speak pretty good french so they help me alot.  

Heres something i have learned.  We watched the talk by elder bendar "Characteristics of christ. If you havent seen it watch it now its sooooooo amazing.  As missionarys we take upon ourselves the name of jesus christ and therefore we are acting as he would if he were here.  When christ was on the earth there was not one instant where he was looking inward.  He was always thinking of others.  After he suffered for the sins of the world you think he would have a right to think about himself.  But he heals the guards ear.  When he was dying on the cross he was still preaching to the two others being crucified.  As missionaries its very hard.  We have to leave home and learn new languages teach new people.  It is very easy to look inward.  But as we take upon ourselves the name of christ we must look outwards.  

When things get tough look to strengthen others around you and the lord will bless you. 3 nephi 13:31-34

I Love you all!

Elder Logan Sackley