Tuesday, March 29, 2016

week 85

Bonjour a tous (Hello Everyone)

Okay, well I don't have anytime.  I just wanted to add my prayers and thoughts to the missionaries serving in the Paris North Mission, (and for that matter just all of us in general).

I actually know both of the young Elders involved, not particularly well, but I was in the MTC with both of them.  Elder Empey was in my room a lot of the time the first three weeks of being in the MTC.  Also, I played sports with Elder Wells my last two weeks in the MTC.  I actually think He was my ZL in the MTC. I have a photo with Ender Empey I will attach.

A family here - the Booths showed me some videos of the two Elders.  I marvel at their spiritual stature.  Particularly Elder Wells bearing testimony of God hearing our prayers.

I will add my testimony to his inspiring example and words.  Look up - He is listening.

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

wishin elder empey a fast recovery

week 84

this one will be different

Dear Garrett

Im writing this letter to you and im letting all the people who read my blog(if people read this)see this letter so that they will remind you and push you for what im going to ask you to do now.

Yesterday my companion and I were invited over to the a members house to teach a friend of one of the young men in our branch.  His names Christopher hes got a big ol fro and reminds me of James Franco for some reason.  Anyhow its a friend that has been coming to church for the last couple of weeks and we decided to start teaching him.

we watched the restoration video after introduced the Book of mormon and i asked him "when you recieve an answer that this is true what do you think God will expect from you?" he said "ill have to share it"  "thats exactly right i know that when God tells you these things are true he will want you not only to join his church but share it.  Will you read and pray and when  you recieve your answer prepare to serce a full time mission ?"  

"i will.... so how did you get your answer?"

well Garrett this kid is 17 going on 18 same age as you and same age as me when i got my answer.

And heres how

Madison left on a misison April 2012 and when she left she gave me a BOM that i had to read through and mark.  She told me she wanted me to finish it before she got home.  Fast forward till August 2013 and i had made 0 progress in the BOM.  Feeling a sense of obligation to Mad and above all not wanting to accept failure i started reading.  Every. single. day. 

 I finished the BOM 3 nights before she got home and the moment i recieved my answer i knew it was time to get ready for a mission. 

I get home this summer and i want you to start and finish the BOM before than and i know and am personally convicted that not only will Christopher get his testimony if he reads but you will too and it will be time to kick things into a higher gear and get ready to go and serve.

Challenge accepted?

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

week 83


im a little short on stories but i do have an experience i would like to share that happened in my interview with elder martinez that i talk about a couple weeks ago.

after we talked for a moment he said "ok elder sackley you get one question" i didnt have any personal questions so i had one doctrinal question that i would like to share with you today and than talk about its effect on me since than.

"elder martinez i understand death was necessary for the atonement to occur that jesus had to die, but why did he have to be killed, ultimately it was himself who commanded his spirit to leave so why the whips, why the thorns, why the cross"

he sat and looked at me for an uncomfortable moment and said "lets open to my favorite scripture 1nephi13:22"  for all the scriptural scholars it says basically i dont know.

than he paused and said "let me give you my theory though....

elder sackley do you know why they killed an unblemished lamb in ancient Israel

to make an atonement

yes but why was it necessary that him who had committed the sin killed the lamb?  

i dont know

I think it was to help this person remember.  I think it was to in a sense scar him to remember what the price for his sins were.  Elder Sackley have you ever eaten unleavened bread?  


Well it has no real good taste and the jews would eat this as well with a green bitter herb for the pass-over.  do you know why?


well it sure isnt for the taste!  its to remember.  If jesus would have just commanded his spirit it wouldnt have been much to remember wouldve it?  I think in a deep sign of love the savior endured these tortures so we may more fully remember what he did for us.  But i want you to go now and study and i wil go and study and the next time we see each other we will share what we have learned.

What i have learned.

Another investigator was going to have an interview for baptism this Saturday and he has fallen off the map (not yves andre this is someone else".  i have  contacted a lot of doors and had a lot of doors shut in my face, i have had a lot of people turn me down and now a couple golden investigators turn their back at the last minute.  and in a sense im starting to learn the attribute of remembrance.

We take the sacrament every sunday in remembrance of the blood and body.  Every day people turn down the invitation to come and remember and just like the bitter taste of the unleavened bread, or the scarring image of killing the first born lamb i remember more and more everyday, every door, every face, what the God of Israel did for me and you. 

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

week 82

i got no timeeeeeeeee

so all these pictures are from the islands off the coast of gwada called the saints.  yeah so look at a world map and try finding guadeloupe its a spec at best and than the saints is a spec compared to guadeloupe it was paradise.

lets go sailing here dad

i wish i could say more the week was stellar but im out of time

and i must obey

Elder Logan Robert Sackley