Monday, February 29, 2016

week 81

ok fast fast fast

the MLC was super good like oh my goodness best MLC i have ever been to.  And i really think it was like that because we all came prepared.  it was clear all the zone leaders were there to learn and help each other it was all on repentance and the atonement and it was very powerful.

so this letter will just be an experience i had at the MLC

i was going to be interviewed by president herrington but at the last minute they had me be interviewed by elder martinez.  it was a little nerve racking we sat down and just talked about my family followed by two questions.  Why did you come on a mission?  and how have you changed on your mission? ill focus on the later

Honestly ill just go heart to heart with whoever reads this i really havent felt much of a change.  I work hard everyday but i still have my weaknesses and what not and earlier in the MLC i was reflecting on this very question and i couldnt conjur up anything.  so i looked at him and said "elder martinez i dont know" the words tasted like salt and my eyes sweated a little bit.

He stared at me for a while and said "ok who would know?" 

we talked for a while about this quesiton and came up with a couple answers or things i could do. Followed by him saying elder sackley "what zone do you lead?" followed by some follow up quesitons on how the missionaries are doing or what they were doing when i came in.

after talking a minute to explain my challenges and results over the last transfer he cut me off and said "now i know that you have changed as a missionary and i want you to know that the lord is pleased with you, not yet impressed but very much pleased"

so its time to impress the lord

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

i went neck for neck with elder martinez

week 80


Well firstly an update on the biggest loser challenge.  Currently im in first place with an 8 pound weight lose so far.  Turns out that even though i can put on weight now i still shed it just as fast when i workout in the mornings.  still got it

Tomorrow were taking a plane to Barbados for the MLC with Elder Martinez of the seventy it should be fun and itll probably be my last MLC in barbados because im not confident ill stay ZL forever.  So ill make it count and take lots of pictures

Update on Yves Andre

celui qui allait se faire baptiser

Well everything was looking good till saturday for his interview.  We went on exchange so the DL could come interview him.  But yves was no where to be found.  When i got the news i hung up the phone and tossed it to the elder with whom i was doing the exchange and just started throwing a mini tantrum.

after trying to find some relief in attacking a couch i said a prayer.

And to paraphrase it or to put into words what i felt during this prayer would be

" it cant be that easy.  I want you to push yourself for this baptism"

so were going all out cutting the brakes no stopping till we get a baptism

sending love from barbados

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

yeah i drove the car all day with that without knowing, i dont know how im not dead

week 79


well this is different im writing on thursday because Carnaval it just came to a close yesterday which means things should go back to normal.

a couple random thoughts

Fast sunday i weighed in at 205 pounds yes uncle mike i weigh over 200 pounds all the time right now i cant believe it either.  So we started the fast and just went HARD all day non stop i was on exchange with elder pincock and were buddies and we wanted to see who could lose the most weight during the fast.  He dropped 9 pounds but I was victorious getting down to 194.  Still got it

Which brings me to the next point of i convinced all the elders in the zone to do a "biggest loser" competition with me until the end of next transfer so 6 months to sexy is still alive.  It almost died when i saw the MEGA MAC

I have two stories this week

On Sunday night my comp left the room for a little while and came back visually upset.  He sat down and i asked the inspired question of "dude whatsup".  We have been getting along really well i like him alot but there is a lot of negative swirl around him and rumors of what hes done as a missionary.  The moment i asked he just broke down.  He really opened up and really expressed how he feels like everyone is condeming him or just looks down on him. He took a while just expressing frustrations and hopelessness

And for the first time since we got together i was able to see a brief glance at how his father in heaven feels about him.  After a moment of silence and clarity i looked at him and said "I dont condemn you".  I really do love this Elder were going to do great together

The next story is one i shared with mom and ill let her decide if its ok i share it now this was my letter 


i feel like you should hear what happened to me on tuesday.  Shortly after i got the call i was teaching zone meeting like 15 minutes so i was a little shell shokcked by it all but i could do it.  I was numb really and we turned on a part of talk for the zone to watch and as it was playing i was reflecting on it all.  Luckily the room was dark so no one really could see my facial expressions but in reflecting a thought past through my mind "grandpa is watching you teach zone meeting"  i know where he is mom.  i know youll see him again and i know hes out here with me.  i know hes watching over you and me.  I love you be happy 

Be strong

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

ps: i decided im going to just sell cars for a living.  Right now were in the process of selling our junky van and id say im doing pretty well for myself.

the original bid was at 2000 and i would say thats SUPER forgiving.  like this van has been everywhere and back the seats arent bolted in anymore, we have 4 super bald tires, amechanic told me i should get a 4000 euro paint job before i even thought about trying to sell it, and all the million dents and broken things inside and outside of it.  But literally by what i believe to be the Grace of God i have an offer at 7000 euros.  

Prodigy?  i think so

But things are looking real good in our area our investigator Yves Andre has his baptismal interview this saturday and the 27th is his baptism he was telling everyone at church all about it.  Were about to break the 16 month drout in this area!

Your favorite car salesmen 

elder logan robert sackley

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

week 78


ok lets just spill info

So firstly this week was really really long.  The new senior couple came in on tuesday and i seriously didnt proselyte until saturday because of it ahha.  Their apartment was just absouletely filthy it had black mold inside and it was just bad bad bad.  So we spent a solid two days throwing things out, breaking old furniture, and cleanin trying to help them not completely questions why they came on a mission.  The last senior couple was from Tahiti and they left some interesting things behind for example a thing of chocolate milk behind old car reports.  Well it was mostly mold and than a little bit of chocolate milk didnt taste half bad though.

The rest of the time was teaching them how to be a senior couple.  Meaning going over petty cash, legilization, medical etc.  They are super GO GO GO type of people they are going to be so helpful my goodness i have been praying for them to come here for so long ahaha.  Its going to be really really nice to get to proselyte more i just love being in the mix ahahah 

My comp is elder Savard.  Hes a transfer younger than me and has been ZL for a while too.  Hes from Qubec so he speaks Quebec Qua its a bit different than the french im use to its very nasly and blah ahahah the members love it.

The baptism we had last saturday was down in Basseterre it was crazy.  The investigators name was Michelle and as he was about to be baptized he just collapsed.  Like he literally just passed out mid baptismal prayer and collapsed in the water.  A member had to jump into the ocean and help the other member drag him out.  After catching his breath he went back into the ocean and got baptized and collapsed again.  They dragged him out and when he came about he was happy as ever.  Im still confused about it all.

And the rest of this week will just be for story time one day ahahah

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

zone leaders

ladies and gentlemen for 18 months i have swelled up like a ballon but as of saturday im taking a stand let the 6 months to sexy begin

week 77


i have to be really fast because im out of time

the lord is humbling me by making the patriots lose.  I accept the defeat and move forward in humility.  Also i have officialy graduated from sister missionary land i have to earn my elder stripes now i guess.

transfer news

so i got the shock of my life when president called telling me that elder moux, the other zone leader who has been on the south end of the island, would not be coming up to lamentin to join up with me.  But that i would getting Elder Savard from St Maarten.

Honestly i was a little or a lot upset i had been so excited to be with Elder Moux.  I dont believe much in complaining but i think president sensed my displeasure so he said this.  

"elder Sackley the moment we started working on transfers the impression came immedaitely to me that you two needed to be together.  Youre one of the best we have and we really need you two to be together right now"

so i swallowed my pride and hung up the phone and just sat down.  I thought about it for a while and the more i thought about it the more it didnt really sink in.  So i got on my knees that night and just asked for a little bit of confirmation on it all.  and it came.

im excited for this next transfer i know that it was an inspired call now

let the 6 months to sexy begin

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

week 76

Bonjour à tous et à tout

well things are going really well right now.  I dont have any spectacular stories to tell maybe just two good moments and a thought will be all for today.

So we went over to Yves Andre house this last saturday and we had a prayer than he looked at me and said "wait whats the date today?" "the 16th"  "HEY i was supposed to get baptized today!"  it was a pretty funny interaction i made him believe that we had been waiting for him at the church but he never came. He wasnt ready for the 16th but he said "well i wasnt quite prepared so whens the next baptism? (the 30th)  ok well elders lets make a plan and get me baptized on the 30th"
Next story
We went over to Thomas house.  I cant remember if i talked about him but hes the chef from Paris.  So we start with a prayer and i asked him how the reading was.  We had left the intro and the testimonys of the 3, 8, and joesph smith.  Thomas had read all the way to 1 nephi 8 so we were pumped.  When i asked him what touched him most he just started saying "well God and you know his spirit and blah blah blah" it was apparent he hadnt retained much.  So i started explaining the story of Lehi but than he cuts me off and says " oh yea!  and when the spirit constrains nephi to kill laban and zoram obeys nephi oh i loved it so much!" and just starts going off citing scripture.  So i dont know if he was messing with me but the man retained it all and loved it.  He accepted a date for the first week of febuarary.
Both are member refferals things are picking up
Lastly i was able to watch the worldwide Devo with Russel M Nelson and his wife poses this question:
What if you learned that the Savior had already returned to this earth—that He, as part of His Second Coming, had already met withsome of His true followers in several marvelous, largegatherings13—gatherings about which the world,including CNN and the blogosphere, knew nothing. Ifyou found out that the Savior was already on the earth,what would you desperatelwant to do today, andwhat would you be willing and ready tdo tomorrow?
This quote hit me like a ton of bricks let us apply it however metophorical or literal it may be.

-Elder Logan Robert Sackley

week 75


I dont have much time and i think that will just be the theme of this letter ahahha.  Im so tired oh my goodness but im happy.  I have never had so much to do but im happy so im just going to throw up a little bit of whats going on.

So i was awaiting the arrival of a new senior couple i was told they would be here in january and last week i got the news that they will not be coming to guadeloupe.  So a senior couple has flown here for the next couple days seeing if they can help me at all and were trying to make things more efficient for me.  But after that its just me against the bills and legalization.  

Meanwhile things arent getting better for certain missionaries so i need to be exchanging with them every week.  The area is BOOMING oh my goodness the lord is taking care of the area its so sweet pray for Anita, yves andre, thomas, ludovic, and darius.  Theyre all getting close to baptism.  and than on top of that im trying to train elder fitzgerald hes so patient with me and my drama ahahha.

All of it typing it out and thinking about it is so overwhelming but as i just go out each day and work everything gets taken care of.  its a constant juggle of responsabilites and i love it.  the lord is really empowering me to keep the wheels turning here.

i just want a nap

elder logan robert sackley