Wednesday, February 3, 2016

week 75


I dont have much time and i think that will just be the theme of this letter ahahha.  Im so tired oh my goodness but im happy.  I have never had so much to do but im happy so im just going to throw up a little bit of whats going on.

So i was awaiting the arrival of a new senior couple i was told they would be here in january and last week i got the news that they will not be coming to guadeloupe.  So a senior couple has flown here for the next couple days seeing if they can help me at all and were trying to make things more efficient for me.  But after that its just me against the bills and legalization.  

Meanwhile things arent getting better for certain missionaries so i need to be exchanging with them every week.  The area is BOOMING oh my goodness the lord is taking care of the area its so sweet pray for Anita, yves andre, thomas, ludovic, and darius.  Theyre all getting close to baptism.  and than on top of that im trying to train elder fitzgerald hes so patient with me and my drama ahahha.

All of it typing it out and thinking about it is so overwhelming but as i just go out each day and work everything gets taken care of.  its a constant juggle of responsabilites and i love it.  the lord is really empowering me to keep the wheels turning here.

i just want a nap

elder logan robert sackley

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