Wednesday, February 3, 2016

week 76

Bonjour à tous et à tout

well things are going really well right now.  I dont have any spectacular stories to tell maybe just two good moments and a thought will be all for today.

So we went over to Yves Andre house this last saturday and we had a prayer than he looked at me and said "wait whats the date today?" "the 16th"  "HEY i was supposed to get baptized today!"  it was a pretty funny interaction i made him believe that we had been waiting for him at the church but he never came. He wasnt ready for the 16th but he said "well i wasnt quite prepared so whens the next baptism? (the 30th)  ok well elders lets make a plan and get me baptized on the 30th"
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We went over to Thomas house.  I cant remember if i talked about him but hes the chef from Paris.  So we start with a prayer and i asked him how the reading was.  We had left the intro and the testimonys of the 3, 8, and joesph smith.  Thomas had read all the way to 1 nephi 8 so we were pumped.  When i asked him what touched him most he just started saying "well God and you know his spirit and blah blah blah" it was apparent he hadnt retained much.  So i started explaining the story of Lehi but than he cuts me off and says " oh yea!  and when the spirit constrains nephi to kill laban and zoram obeys nephi oh i loved it so much!" and just starts going off citing scripture.  So i dont know if he was messing with me but the man retained it all and loved it.  He accepted a date for the first week of febuarary.
Both are member refferals things are picking up
Lastly i was able to watch the worldwide Devo with Russel M Nelson and his wife poses this question:
What if you learned that the Savior had already returned to this earth—that He, as part of His Second Coming, had already met withsome of His true followers in several marvelous, largegatherings13—gatherings about which the world,including CNN and the blogosphere, knew nothing. Ifyou found out that the Savior was already on the earth,what would you desperatelwant to do today, andwhat would you be willing and ready tdo tomorrow?
This quote hit me like a ton of bricks let us apply it however metophorical or literal it may be.

-Elder Logan Robert Sackley

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