Wednesday, February 3, 2016

week 78


ok lets just spill info

So firstly this week was really really long.  The new senior couple came in on tuesday and i seriously didnt proselyte until saturday because of it ahha.  Their apartment was just absouletely filthy it had black mold inside and it was just bad bad bad.  So we spent a solid two days throwing things out, breaking old furniture, and cleanin trying to help them not completely questions why they came on a mission.  The last senior couple was from Tahiti and they left some interesting things behind for example a thing of chocolate milk behind old car reports.  Well it was mostly mold and than a little bit of chocolate milk didnt taste half bad though.

The rest of the time was teaching them how to be a senior couple.  Meaning going over petty cash, legilization, medical etc.  They are super GO GO GO type of people they are going to be so helpful my goodness i have been praying for them to come here for so long ahaha.  Its going to be really really nice to get to proselyte more i just love being in the mix ahahah 

My comp is elder Savard.  Hes a transfer younger than me and has been ZL for a while too.  Hes from Qubec so he speaks Quebec Qua its a bit different than the french im use to its very nasly and blah ahahah the members love it.

The baptism we had last saturday was down in Basseterre it was crazy.  The investigators name was Michelle and as he was about to be baptized he just collapsed.  Like he literally just passed out mid baptismal prayer and collapsed in the water.  A member had to jump into the ocean and help the other member drag him out.  After catching his breath he went back into the ocean and got baptized and collapsed again.  They dragged him out and when he came about he was happy as ever.  Im still confused about it all.

And the rest of this week will just be for story time one day ahahah

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

zone leaders

ladies and gentlemen for 18 months i have swelled up like a ballon but as of saturday im taking a stand let the 6 months to sexy begin

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