Monday, January 4, 2016

week 74


some of the most difficult scriptures to apply are found in DC 121 34-46.  It might be why we are asked to memorize them as missionaires and repeat them fairly often.  In the words of Elder Cornish of the 70 "Elders unrighteous leadership is the fastest way to damn yourself"  and that was my challenge this week.

As i stated in a previous letter it wasnt much of a secret that there were issues on the island as far as obedience.  Its proven to be a real challenge trying to run around the island being the senior couple, blanking an area, and trying to keep these missionaries obedient.  So this past week Elder Moux, the other zone leader, came up to Lamentin for an exchange.  When we got to the apartment we sat down and started talking about the zone.  Very quickly we narrowed in on a companionship and felt like something was going on.

We sat there for a good while talking about their history and what we could do.  I had ideas but no real solid ones so we decided to get on our knees and pray.  I offered the prayer.  It started like a pretty normal prayer but the best way to describe it would be a preisthood blessing.  words just started to pour out i felt a lot of love for these elders and the words "help us find them so we may help them" came out.

After the prayer i looked at Elder Moux and said we need to go find them right now.  We got in the car and drove to their area on the other side of the island.  I parked the car and walked where i felt it they would be.  The cyber cafe.  We looked inside and sure enough there were two elders sitting on computers on a thursday.  

Panic set in mixed with anger so i grabbed my comp and we walked down the street and called president.  honestly we didnt get much advice he said just figure out why its going on. we said a prayer and walked in.

Too occupied with the internet we werent noticed.  we walked behind them and gently i put my hand on each shoulder.  the shock of their life i imagine i asked them to come outside to talk.

I think they were scared but so was I so four scared missionaries sat down for a talk.  I started just asking what was going on.  One elder just opened up on the spot spilling his guts on everything.  The whole conversation lasted 10 minutes maybe no arguing no yelling just talking.  I felt so much love for these two elders as they expressed concerns about their area and personal matters.  

It concluded with me saying "elders tomorrow is a new year and we all need to be better the lord needs better from us".  We said a prayer gave them hugs and went on our way.  The spirit was so thick in the midst of something ugly only good came.  It was one of the weirdest answers to a prayer and im so grateful for it.The best correction i have ever given was just love, encouragement, followed by an increase in love.

i love these elders alot and were all going to get better together

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

also add in the letter that elder wilson has returned to the misison and is serving on ST vincent