Tuesday, August 18, 2015

week 54


This week was the sweetest

So today president herrington and sister herrington were with us for P day.  They were in guadeloupe for a meeting and stopped on martinique cause they know where the party is at.  We had a fun day hiking and showing them all the stuff on martinique.  Its a new feel for sure.  Id say i learned a lot about being a man with president mehr lots of just go out work hard be a man dont be a baby dont complain go fight win. and i loved it its exactly want i needed.

And i wouldnt say president herrington doesnt want me to do the same but his focus is a lot more on love and being open to the people and the spirit.  I cant decide which i like more and i dont think i ever will because they compliment each other so perfectly its helping me become who God would want me to be.

Shenor took a dunk this week and that is literally all it is right now as the prophet joesph smith would put it baptism without confirmation is just like baptizing a sack of potatoes it does nothing. He came in just as the sacrement was being blessed and we dropped the ball and didnt realize he could still be confirmed till after church was over.  So i guess thats on our heads.  Sorry shenor and joesph smith.  Next week!

With lots of love

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

fort de france

me and my tahitain boys i always was meant to be poly i swear

crab split my finger nail in half so president stepped on it saying no one hurts my missionaries! ahahah

week 55


Ok ill try to explain this transfer deal.

I am captain of this vessel now chief zone leader senior couple and my new partner in crime is Elder Okano my old MTC companion. Im pretty excited and i cant say it was a surprise ahahha.  I called President earlier in the week and just in talking he revealed all the transfer information for the island of Martinique.  And best believe i use that against all the missionaries in the zone haha.

In other news the area north of mine is closing so ill now cover two areas.  There is a lot of great members up north so im real excited to start working with them now.  

ahahha and MY son is coming up from french guiana and hes giving me my first grandson.  Hes blanking an area called trinité   and training so im pretty pumped ahahha i dont think he is i gave him a real tough time in training.  Im just going to turn his son against him.

ok i go to go

love you lots

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

beach activity ballin out with Frere Carl and Frere Pierre

sweet bananes and behind is a whole sweet banane wrapped in ham covered in sauce my goodness it was amazing

week 56

mmmmmmmm martinique

Pierre joesph looking real nice

ok i dont got lots of time but whats new

were teaching a family of five right now so ten points for griffindor!  no but for real though families dont even exist in the west indies so this is a real win right now.  the boyfriend doesnt live in the same house so will see how it all plays out but hes all in he knows its true hes been to church 6 times the three chidren are loving it we just have to get by mama bear.  her name is espagna like spain in english but espagna in french.

so pray for spain i think the lord will know what you mean

Elder okano my old friend from the MTC i seriously havent seen him in a year it was weird to be back together he spent his first year on Guadeloupe.  Hes a good guy were going to have a good couple transfers together.  Hes from canada vancouver so hes alright i guess ahahha.

no i like him im excited we have a really young zone here so im excited to manipulate their minds and what not.  kidding but im pumped should be a good next couple of months.

Go spain go

Elder logan robert sackley

Sunday, August 2, 2015

week 53


okay hmmm

This week was pretty exciting.  During our weekly planning we got a call from the mission office telling us we were on "code orange".  Meaning there is a volcano off the coast of Grenada that had been causing some earthquakes and we were on alert for possible explosion! followed by a tsunami!  My companion and I are in charge of Martinique so we're in charge of everyone's safety as well.  With a possible tsunami on the way we reacted exactly like a 19 and 20 yr old kid would.

(Naturally we were super excited about our possible deaths) ahaha

Unfortunately for our imaginations the volcano chilled out a bit and were all safe.  We justify ourselves by saying that a tsunami would humble the people and hasten the work.  Our investigator Shenor is on his way to be baptized this Saturday!  I could honestly say he is the definition of determination.  I wish i could say more but i'm out of time!  more news next week!


Elder Logan Robert Sackley

biggest spider of my mission i fought it like a lion and ten minutes of screaming and rock throwing letter i slayed it

aye pierre joesph birthday
our newest reactivation Frere Roll mah ville.  i dont know how to spell his name but thats how you pronounce it.