Tuesday, August 18, 2015

week 56

mmmmmmmm martinique

Pierre joesph looking real nice

ok i dont got lots of time but whats new

were teaching a family of five right now so ten points for griffindor!  no but for real though families dont even exist in the west indies so this is a real win right now.  the boyfriend doesnt live in the same house so will see how it all plays out but hes all in he knows its true hes been to church 6 times the three chidren are loving it we just have to get by mama bear.  her name is espagna like spain in english but espagna in french.

so pray for spain i think the lord will know what you mean

Elder okano my old friend from the MTC i seriously havent seen him in a year it was weird to be back together he spent his first year on Guadeloupe.  Hes a good guy were going to have a good couple transfers together.  Hes from canada vancouver so hes alright i guess ahahha.

no i like him im excited we have a really young zone here so im excited to manipulate their minds and what not.  kidding but im pumped should be a good next couple of months.

Go spain go

Elder logan robert sackley

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