Tuesday, August 18, 2015

week 55


Ok ill try to explain this transfer deal.

I am captain of this vessel now chief zone leader senior couple and my new partner in crime is Elder Okano my old MTC companion. Im pretty excited and i cant say it was a surprise ahahha.  I called President earlier in the week and just in talking he revealed all the transfer information for the island of Martinique.  And best believe i use that against all the missionaries in the zone haha.

In other news the area north of mine is closing so ill now cover two areas.  There is a lot of great members up north so im real excited to start working with them now.  

ahahha and MY son is coming up from french guiana and hes giving me my first grandson.  Hes blanking an area called trinité   and training so im pretty pumped ahahha i dont think he is i gave him a real tough time in training.  Im just going to turn his son against him.

ok i go to go

love you lots

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

beach activity ballin out with Frere Carl and Frere Pierre

sweet bananes and behind is a whole sweet banane wrapped in ham covered in sauce my goodness it was amazing

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