Tuesday, November 10, 2015

week 65

wow 20

If you are reading this and youre still in your teens just pause time and stay there 20 is not even a cool age to have its just the beginning of the end of being immature.  Stay a teenager is my message to you.


The birthday on the mission was real nice.  It was fast sunday so no big breakfeast or anything i live with three other missionaires so they bought me a nice tie and gave it to me in the morning than we went to church.  I ended up blessing the sacrement and bearing my testimony so i guess that was a pretty sweet birthday present.

Also 6 white white tourists just showed up at the branch and i ended up translating for a couple they were from Utah.  Small world moment Madision one of the guys i translated for served in the Brasil mission.  Yeah back when it was only one mission.  I asked him if he knew Belo Horozonté and he flipped out.  he opened that area and he gave me a huge bear hug when i told him you served there.  

Best present of the day was a call from a Guyane number.  It was Leno and Nelma and they wished me happy birthday it really meant a lot to me that they remembered and took the time to call me.  

But the best part was i know as a missionary i cant have a proper birthday party no dancing or singing so i found the loop hole.  I ended up getting invited to Evangleist church and i did all the singing and dancing praising jesus.  it was really only fun for 10 minutes than after singing in french, creole, and hebrew i had a headache and left.  shortest birthday ever.

Transfer news Elder Sackley is holding down Fort de France for another.

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

we have had these mangos in our freezer for 4 months.  i guess im sending this home because i really didnt take pictures this week.  my bad

let the tradition continue!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

week 64


First thing first first.  I hiked a super volcano today bare foot.  yes the mountain Pele was conquered by me doing my best fellowship of the ring impersonation. in other news never hike a super volcano barefoot it hurts really bad and other than the fact that i grew a huge ball of chest hair it didnt merit me much.

Second is the wedding photos are of Fréré Telga.  Originally AP telga when i entered the mission.  i was looking back through a journal and i wrote about a martiniquan AP who drove like a mad man and than this past weekend i went to his wedding.  they got sealed in temple this weekend in France you have to be married at the government building for it to be legal so i saw that.  His wife was Sœur Occolier she was a sister missionary at temple square.  so missionaries have talked about this wedding since before i entered the mission than i got to see it.  good stuff good stuff. as for myself ill be single till 29.

I wanted to share just something i realized this past week.  Dale G. Renlund said it and Elder Sackley lived it.  Something beautiful happens when a missionary realizes that his call is not about him, that its about the lord and his work.

a couple weeks ago i got to participate in a blessing for a women named justina.  she had leg problems and shoulder pains since birth.  As she told me about it i felt so much love for this lady.  and so much appreciation that i was able to be there and act as mouth piece for the lord.  i read some verses in 3 nephi of jesus Healing the sick.  than i put my hands on her head and gave a blessing.

I quoted the Dale G. Renlund testimony because at that moment i knew that this blessing had nothing to do with me i was blessed enough just to act as mouth piece for the lord. It was a longer blessing but it was the most powerful blesing i have felt on my mission.  We left, it was the sisters ami, and than a couple days ago i got a call.  Saying justina couldnt feel the pain in her shoulder and her leg was working.  It really has nothing to do with Elder Sackley or any of us for that matter.  Its about the lord and his work.  And im thankful to be apart of it.

Im 20 next week this is nonesense

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

relax mayneeeeeee

yall missed the wedding of the century

i cant carry the ring mr frodo but i can carry you

week 63


I just want to be a real boy or more specifically a real missionary again.  Its been  a long week ladies and gentlemen.

But first that picture of me and Elder Noho.  Elder noho is a tahitian Elder and Elder noho took me to mcdonalds during our exchange.  there is a lady in the branch notorious for feeding and stuffing missionaries named sister Eva so elder Noho tells me Elder Sackley tonight im sister eva were going to eat.

He than proceeded to spend 54 euors on mcdonalds.  54 euros.... thats like 70 US dollars.  Every burger you ever wanted and ice cream was right before us.  And i have never felt so sick and nasty in my life.  We ate it all.  In other news im 201 pounds so yeah.  I love my polys

The week itself was a challenge i feel like an office missionary some days i just call agency looking for apartments or i have to go to Toyota to regulate car things.  I just really miss waking up studying and going hard all day. 

Also just another random story.  i feel like my life is a comedy.  i spend my day wanting to cheese grade my forhead while i do senior couple stuff and than when i teach stuff like this happens

again on the exchange with Elder noho were teaching a guy named nicholas.  The lesson is going really good i set a date with him and than he just starts making bird noises.  Elder noho loses it and the spirit is gone and im like my goodness why me.  And if that wasnt enough this guy is like thats not all i can do!  he takes off his shirt and lays down on the tile, hes a little chubby, and he starts rocking back and forth making his back make a farting noise. i quit

yes that really did happen right after he accepted a baptismal date. why me?

President is coming this weekend so that should be fun

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

Gerson is my home boy

Elder Noho my tahitian brother!  54 euros of macdooo was too much