Sunday, November 1, 2015

week 64


First thing first first.  I hiked a super volcano today bare foot.  yes the mountain Pele was conquered by me doing my best fellowship of the ring impersonation. in other news never hike a super volcano barefoot it hurts really bad and other than the fact that i grew a huge ball of chest hair it didnt merit me much.

Second is the wedding photos are of Fréré Telga.  Originally AP telga when i entered the mission.  i was looking back through a journal and i wrote about a martiniquan AP who drove like a mad man and than this past weekend i went to his wedding.  they got sealed in temple this weekend in France you have to be married at the government building for it to be legal so i saw that.  His wife was Sœur Occolier she was a sister missionary at temple square.  so missionaries have talked about this wedding since before i entered the mission than i got to see it.  good stuff good stuff. as for myself ill be single till 29.

I wanted to share just something i realized this past week.  Dale G. Renlund said it and Elder Sackley lived it.  Something beautiful happens when a missionary realizes that his call is not about him, that its about the lord and his work.

a couple weeks ago i got to participate in a blessing for a women named justina.  she had leg problems and shoulder pains since birth.  As she told me about it i felt so much love for this lady.  and so much appreciation that i was able to be there and act as mouth piece for the lord.  i read some verses in 3 nephi of jesus Healing the sick.  than i put my hands on her head and gave a blessing.

I quoted the Dale G. Renlund testimony because at that moment i knew that this blessing had nothing to do with me i was blessed enough just to act as mouth piece for the lord. It was a longer blessing but it was the most powerful blesing i have felt on my mission.  We left, it was the sisters ami, and than a couple days ago i got a call.  Saying justina couldnt feel the pain in her shoulder and her leg was working.  It really has nothing to do with Elder Sackley or any of us for that matter.  Its about the lord and his work.  And im thankful to be apart of it.

Im 20 next week this is nonesense

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

relax mayneeeeeee

yall missed the wedding of the century

i cant carry the ring mr frodo but i can carry you

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