Tuesday, November 10, 2015

week 65

wow 20

If you are reading this and youre still in your teens just pause time and stay there 20 is not even a cool age to have its just the beginning of the end of being immature.  Stay a teenager is my message to you.


The birthday on the mission was real nice.  It was fast sunday so no big breakfeast or anything i live with three other missionaires so they bought me a nice tie and gave it to me in the morning than we went to church.  I ended up blessing the sacrement and bearing my testimony so i guess that was a pretty sweet birthday present.

Also 6 white white tourists just showed up at the branch and i ended up translating for a couple they were from Utah.  Small world moment Madision one of the guys i translated for served in the Brasil mission.  Yeah back when it was only one mission.  I asked him if he knew Belo Horozont√© and he flipped out.  he opened that area and he gave me a huge bear hug when i told him you served there.  

Best present of the day was a call from a Guyane number.  It was Leno and Nelma and they wished me happy birthday it really meant a lot to me that they remembered and took the time to call me.  

But the best part was i know as a missionary i cant have a proper birthday party no dancing or singing so i found the loop hole.  I ended up getting invited to Evangleist church and i did all the singing and dancing praising jesus.  it was really only fun for 10 minutes than after singing in french, creole, and hebrew i had a headache and left.  shortest birthday ever.

Transfer news Elder Sackley is holding down Fort de France for another.

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

we have had these mangos in our freezer for 4 months.  i guess im sending this home because i really didnt take pictures this week.  my bad

let the tradition continue!

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