Saturday, April 30, 2016

week 89


So i have safely made my way back to Martinique.  Leaving Guadeloupe was really difficult a lot harder than i thought it was going to be.  Like it felt a lot like Guyane i really loved my time on Guadeloupe and im going to miss all the missionaires there a lot.

It was really weird coming back to Martinique.  Trinité was the area i spent the least amount of time in just because it was so far away.  ill just do a brief overview of the group
La famille Lagrand is the heart and soul of the group.  Super solid family they make up 7 of the members who attend church out here.  Frere Lagrand is the group leader and has been for a long time.  He works with us a bunch and yeah his family is super cool i like them a lot already.
La Famille Laquembe its an old couple the husband claims he was the first black male to receive the priesthood in france so someone look that up.  They served a mission in haiti and have been long time members.  From what i collect they are very quick to offend members and several members have left because they tell it how it is.  When i told them there was a possibility of the group shutting down they almost ripped my head off but it got them fired up and now there working hard to get people to church. 
Soeur Anthony  Shes St Lucian so she talks english but has got fairly decent french too.  Shes got a mentally challenged son named Jean Jean that comes to church too and passes the sacrement, its really sweet actually.
Soeur Denise is a single women she teaches sunday school and is on top of things.
Ricardo is a 25 year old guy, we broke into his house, he plays video games all day and when he makes it to church just kind of sleeps.
This last week we got 16 people total at church which tied the record for Elder Brimhalls time out here in Trinité.  The ultimate goal is this transfer to break 20 and to baptize.  Its been about a year since the last baptism here. 
The area is super beautiful probably the prettiest on french side, im actually REALLY enjoying the nice quiet missionary life, my comp is a stud state champ wrestler, and against all odds i think im going to really love trinité.
Elder Logan Robert Sackley

week 88


I cant believe it.
Saturday night i got a call from president and it has finally come to an end i have been released as a ZL after 8 transfers im going to be a senior comp.  I just want to share a couple thoughts and a brief summary on my new assignment.
I have loved being a ZL espeically these past three transfers.  Getting the challenge to come to guadeloupe to fix the zone obedience wise, baptizing wise, train an elder, help a struggling ZL, train a ZL, blank an area that hasnt baptized in 18 months was super overwhelming.  I remember being so panicked coming here and having no idea what to do.  I have grown more in these past 3 transfers than all my mission combined.  I understand more completely what it means "he is mighty to save"
the zone is obedient.  lots of missionaries have been converted and its been one of the happiest moments of my mission being able to sit and talk with elders and help them want to be out here and work.
My comp is doing great now hes been a huge blessing it wasnt easy at all at first but hes lifting and inspiring the zone now.

The zone is baptizing.  Right now Guyane has baptized once this year martinique once this year and guadeloupe will hit double digits this weekend.
Which brings me to the last moment.  Lamentin Guadeloupe baptized last September 2014.  About a week into my mission and has been cold ever since.  its the ZL area and lots of APs and great ZLs has served here but its just been a war zone and we have been getting killed.  This last saturday hours before i got my transfer call our investigator Darius passed his baptismal interview and will get baptized this saturday.  I cant even describe how happy i was and am for this last one.  Its been so hard and even though i wont be there to see the baptism its something i will always cherish.
I did all that was asked and i cant even describe my feelings for my Savior and how hes carried me for these past couple of months.

My New Assignement.
"Dude thats a waste of time were going to shut it down soon" President Eclar
"Elder Sackley i know i begged him not to send you there because i knew how hard it would be on me or anybody to finish their mission there" - one of the APs
I got called to serve in Trinité martinique the smallest unit in the mission.  Averaging about 10 people at church every sunday its a tiny group on the east side of the island about 30 minutes away from everyone else.  As a ZL there i begged president to shut down the group, elders were getting killed out there and working hard but nothing was happening. 
"Elder Sackley we need to know if its worth keeping the group out there and to do that we have to send one of our bests.  I dont know why the lord chose you but i will not stand in his way.  He has blessing waiting for you out there.  Its all up to you, you either save the group or we shut it down.  You can do this"
This may be the hardest assignment yet for a lot of reasons im very  nervous moving into this next transfer.  But make no mistake i wont give president the green light to shut the group down until i have given every last thing i have to save this group.  Hurrah
Elder Logan Robert Sackley

week 87


I could do a fair rant on disobedience in this letter but i think ill save everyone the pain.  My father sent me this quote and will just subtract life and insert mission. 

No one is ever permitted to live his life over again.  Each one of us has just one chance.  There are no rehearsals in life.  We can't rehearse birth.  We can't rehearse death.  We can't rehearse final judgement.  We should not only be right the first time, we should be right every time.  It is pretty costly to tear down a building, or a life, to build it over again.

 I have been really trying to hammer this like you can watch movies, listen to katy perry, go to the beach all day, talk to your girlfriend etc.  the rest of your life that will always be there but you will not redo your two year mission and youre wasting your time if youre not givin it your all.

Change Gears

So we have been searching for this less active named Marie Celine for a long time no face, no address, doesnt answer calls.  A couple months a go i was driving and saw a broken down car on the side of the road which isnt irregular because everyone drives crappy cars but decided to stop and help. 

Theres a guy working on the car and we talk to the lady in the drivers seat.  Turns out its the mysterious Marie Celine.  We talked for a while and tried setting something up but it didnt work out.

with the help of our DMB we finally found her house and got in.  My comp had an elder on exchange with him and got into her house.  She was warm but not super engaged as they were leaving they asked if there was anything they could do she asked to borrow their phone to make a call.  Turns out she was calling our Gold Ami Darius.  Member refferal super engaged baptismal date the 23rd PRAY FOR HIM.

My comp didnt think about it too much but we go back later the week and get talking.  We tell her Darius is going to get baptized and we find out they have a 3 year old daughter together.  no longer boyfriend girlfriend just something from the past.  And she declares "im coming back to church than"

yes true love (princess bride voice) has brought Marie celine back to church

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

week 86


Wow that was the best General Conference of all time.  I really loved priesthood session.  The General Young Mens president talk about the perfect leader is the perfect follower.  made me think of you dad "too many chiefs not enough indians"  on that note i have no confirmation only gut feelings that this is my last transfer as ZL ill probably return to normal missionary at least this is my hope.  Either way ZL or normal missionary im going to try to be the perfect indian.

Quotes of the week

"Watch out for Elder Sackley" 

"I cant go on exchange with elder sackley hes too strict!" 

I finally got the reputation madison. 

Finally last quote being 

"oh my goodness elder sackley i love you like a son lets work together like father and son!" president eclar first cousenlor in the mission presidency.

Yeah i dont have any formal thought today just my zone knows i take no crap and president eclar has adopted me as his child.

Elder Logan Robert sackley

this is frere cesarin he loves me. he gave me this hat im wearing and in the photo of us talking hes offering me his grandaughter "youre a good boy id love for you to be in my family" he gives me hugs and holds my hand whenever i see him

easter dinner