Saturday, April 30, 2016

week 88


I cant believe it.
Saturday night i got a call from president and it has finally come to an end i have been released as a ZL after 8 transfers im going to be a senior comp.  I just want to share a couple thoughts and a brief summary on my new assignment.
I have loved being a ZL espeically these past three transfers.  Getting the challenge to come to guadeloupe to fix the zone obedience wise, baptizing wise, train an elder, help a struggling ZL, train a ZL, blank an area that hasnt baptized in 18 months was super overwhelming.  I remember being so panicked coming here and having no idea what to do.  I have grown more in these past 3 transfers than all my mission combined.  I understand more completely what it means "he is mighty to save"
the zone is obedient.  lots of missionaries have been converted and its been one of the happiest moments of my mission being able to sit and talk with elders and help them want to be out here and work.
My comp is doing great now hes been a huge blessing it wasnt easy at all at first but hes lifting and inspiring the zone now.

The zone is baptizing.  Right now Guyane has baptized once this year martinique once this year and guadeloupe will hit double digits this weekend.
Which brings me to the last moment.  Lamentin Guadeloupe baptized last September 2014.  About a week into my mission and has been cold ever since.  its the ZL area and lots of APs and great ZLs has served here but its just been a war zone and we have been getting killed.  This last saturday hours before i got my transfer call our investigator Darius passed his baptismal interview and will get baptized this saturday.  I cant even describe how happy i was and am for this last one.  Its been so hard and even though i wont be there to see the baptism its something i will always cherish.
I did all that was asked and i cant even describe my feelings for my Savior and how hes carried me for these past couple of months.

My New Assignement.
"Dude thats a waste of time were going to shut it down soon" President Eclar
"Elder Sackley i know i begged him not to send you there because i knew how hard it would be on me or anybody to finish their mission there" - one of the APs
I got called to serve in Trinité martinique the smallest unit in the mission.  Averaging about 10 people at church every sunday its a tiny group on the east side of the island about 30 minutes away from everyone else.  As a ZL there i begged president to shut down the group, elders were getting killed out there and working hard but nothing was happening. 
"Elder Sackley we need to know if its worth keeping the group out there and to do that we have to send one of our bests.  I dont know why the lord chose you but i will not stand in his way.  He has blessing waiting for you out there.  Its all up to you, you either save the group or we shut it down.  You can do this"
This may be the hardest assignment yet for a lot of reasons im very  nervous moving into this next transfer.  But make no mistake i wont give president the green light to shut the group down until i have given every last thing i have to save this group.  Hurrah
Elder Logan Robert Sackley

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