Saturday, April 30, 2016

week 86


Wow that was the best General Conference of all time.  I really loved priesthood session.  The General Young Mens president talk about the perfect leader is the perfect follower.  made me think of you dad "too many chiefs not enough indians"  on that note i have no confirmation only gut feelings that this is my last transfer as ZL ill probably return to normal missionary at least this is my hope.  Either way ZL or normal missionary im going to try to be the perfect indian.

Quotes of the week

"Watch out for Elder Sackley" 

"I cant go on exchange with elder sackley hes too strict!" 

I finally got the reputation madison. 

Finally last quote being 

"oh my goodness elder sackley i love you like a son lets work together like father and son!" president eclar first cousenlor in the mission presidency.

Yeah i dont have any formal thought today just my zone knows i take no crap and president eclar has adopted me as his child.

Elder Logan Robert sackley

this is frere cesarin he loves me. he gave me this hat im wearing and in the photo of us talking hes offering me his grandaughter "youre a good boy id love for you to be in my family" he gives me hugs and holds my hand whenever i see him

easter dinner

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