Saturday, April 30, 2016

week 87


I could do a fair rant on disobedience in this letter but i think ill save everyone the pain.  My father sent me this quote and will just subtract life and insert mission. 

No one is ever permitted to live his life over again.  Each one of us has just one chance.  There are no rehearsals in life.  We can't rehearse birth.  We can't rehearse death.  We can't rehearse final judgement.  We should not only be right the first time, we should be right every time.  It is pretty costly to tear down a building, or a life, to build it over again.

 I have been really trying to hammer this like you can watch movies, listen to katy perry, go to the beach all day, talk to your girlfriend etc.  the rest of your life that will always be there but you will not redo your two year mission and youre wasting your time if youre not givin it your all.

Change Gears

So we have been searching for this less active named Marie Celine for a long time no face, no address, doesnt answer calls.  A couple months a go i was driving and saw a broken down car on the side of the road which isnt irregular because everyone drives crappy cars but decided to stop and help. 

Theres a guy working on the car and we talk to the lady in the drivers seat.  Turns out its the mysterious Marie Celine.  We talked for a while and tried setting something up but it didnt work out.

with the help of our DMB we finally found her house and got in.  My comp had an elder on exchange with him and got into her house.  She was warm but not super engaged as they were leaving they asked if there was anything they could do she asked to borrow their phone to make a call.  Turns out she was calling our Gold Ami Darius.  Member refferal super engaged baptismal date the 23rd PRAY FOR HIM.

My comp didnt think about it too much but we go back later the week and get talking.  We tell her Darius is going to get baptized and we find out they have a 3 year old daughter together.  no longer boyfriend girlfriend just something from the past.  And she declares "im coming back to church than"

yes true love (princess bride voice) has brought Marie celine back to church

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

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