Thursday, August 28, 2014

week 5

Hello everyone!
Please keep in your prayers the two elders in Taiwan that passed away this past weekend.  We have an Elder in our zone who is bestfriends with one of them. He is very upset and we have been trying to help him out we all just found out this morning.  Ok hmm so i finally hit my one month mark! It has flown by for sure and i will be getting my travel plans to the west indies this friday!  So the day I hit one month everything finally caught up to me i think or at least a good amount.  I was very sad to leave you all behind but at the same time i was very numb and didnt really comprehend what all the goodbyes meant.  So i wake upsaturday and it was easily the roughest day of my mission so far.  I felt nasty didnt feel like eating or studying.  My mind was wandering all day long.  My companion took notice of it and took me outside to get some fresh air and study.  So im sitting on a bench reading in the book of mormon.  And this elder a couple benches down from me was singing and he had just a beautiful voice i was way jealous but i didnt take much thought to it.  All day i had a prayer in my heart just for some comfort and it seemed to not be coming.  Than i look up from my scriptures and he is standing right in front of me.  Asks if he can sing me a song.  I dont even remember the song he sung but i felt sooooo peaceful and just relaxed.  Than he looked at me and said "you leave your family for two years so another family can be together forever" than walked off.  I have no idea what prompted this elder to do or say any of this.  But it was an answer to my prayer.  I am so grateful for this missionary i know he was prompted to do so.  Always stay in tune with the spirit like this missionary was.  You never know if you may be answering another persons prayer by doing so.  I love you all have a good week by making someones week.
Elder Logan Robert Sackley

soooo we decided to celebrate our one month like men

sunday walk consists of me falling asleep under a tree

me and elder li

this is elder requillart he is from nothern france and im teaching him all the most important english phrases he knows "im going to give you a knuckle sandwhich"  "i will curb stump you" and etc

both elders from france

so my root canal was like the best experience ever.  The doctor broke the drill bit in my tooth.  Like it broke off the instrument and was stuck in my tooth for like thirty minutes he was yanking on it to try to get it out.  Than he ended up breaking 4 drill bits on my tooth yah idk how that worked out.  My teeth can stop drills but gets killed by a filling thanks obama

yay not

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

week 4

So when my district came into the MTC there were four districts all older than us. They were all headed to France paris, france leon, and a couple of creole speakers to florida.  So they all left yesterday.  Its super weird because we went from being four districts below to the top dogs in a blink of an eye.  I'm going to miss them a lot they were super fun and nice.  Tomorrow night we gain 33 new missionaries in our zone!  Everytime a new district comes in we come into their rooms at 10:30 and sing them the song Souviens-toi its a french hymn look it up i love it!  We tuck them in and sing them a couple verses. 

Its hard to believe that ill hit my one month this week.  In some aspects it feels like it should be a year already but in others it feels like I just entered the MTC with a dork dot.  So this week we taught our first native speakers!  it was a family from Leon France.  I dont know if i should laugh or cry because they talk so fast "thats not the language they taught me in the MTC elder".  Actually we didnt do that bad.  Comprehension was not all there but we were able to teach a lesson on prayer and the effect your personal testimony has on prayer. The language is progressing but it is difficult at times. i do my best to laugh and not get down.  

I think one of the most underrated parts of the church is the good people inside.  We always hear stories on how a member did something offensive or was not being a good example of our faith but as a whole we are blessed to be with good people.  

Some of my best friends here at the MTC are two sisters from New caladoniea, two elders from nothern france, and an elder from taiwan.  They all speak english as their 2nd or 3rd language.  My french is terrible so communication is not all there.  But thats the wonderful thing about our faith. I have no idea what they have done or who they were before they were here.  But i love them.  Half the time i stumble over my words in french or dont understand what they are trying to say in english but the love is still there.  Its such a wonderful thing we are all blessed with.  That we can meet members from all around the world and love them almost immediatley.  Bad english bad french the spirit is what connects us. May we all do better to look past where someone is coming from what they have done and focus on more their spirit and how God sees them.  I love you all have a good week!

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

i dont always go to the mtc but when i do i bring little asian boys to massage my head

this is elder sherren he taught us all of the funny sayings in french

editor's note: 
apparently this is what logan is singing to the elders...we'd all love to hear him singing it...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

week 3

Hello everyone,
Its been a quick week! Holy cow.  My french is coming along.  Me and my new companion Elder Argyle never really talked a whole lot in our old companionships because our french was pretty rough.  But now were forced to talk and were making big strides.  This week I have heard some pretty amazing stories about conversion.  During Devotional sunday night they had all converts that converted after age 16 stand than they called two down to tell their story.  The first one began to read the book of mormon because she was given a copy a long time ago and she hated this LDS girl at school and wanted to make fun of her.  That back fired.  She was baptized a year and a half ago and now is on a mission.  The other was an elder and he talked about his only goal in life was to have a big house fast car he just wanted money.  The look in this elder's eyes is stuck in my head.  He was so humble telling the story.  A buisness plan he presented was heavily criticized and it broke him. He took a look at his life and was so unhappy.  So he talked to a friend who was leaving on a mission about everything.  A month later he was batpized.  A year and three days later he was walking into the MTC.  I am chomping at the bit right now.  I cant describe how excited i am to go out and try to help people find true happiness.  A mission is often viewed as a major sacrifice but if i had a chance to play a minor role in either of these two stories that would be a succsesful two years.  I love you all and you are all in my prayers!
Elder Logan Robert Sackley

we find excuses to throw parties every night.  It was Elder Eastons birthday on monday he turned 14 (20)

This is elder Li he is from tawian.  He speaks broken english and says all white people are stupid.  He likes me though and calls me his tawaineese brother.  I also have him convinced i can speak chineese so will see how long i can keep that up

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week 2

The saying is the weeks are days is some what true.  Looking back on this past week im not even sure if i slept.  It just feels like it was one big long day in my mind.  So we had devotional tuesday night and rumors were circling that L Tom Perry was coming so everyone was super early to devo trying to get the best seat possible.  For the most part everyone was a little bummed when the speaker was announced.  I love L Tom Perry but in all honesty i was more excited to hear from the speaker that came.... John Groberg! 

Growing up as a little kid watching the otherside of heaven John Groberg was my hero.  Whenever i thought of my mission i thought of the otherside of heaven.  It was amazing.  He spoke on bearing testimony.  I loved it he talked about how all the words and scripture on earth is useless without a testimony. 

 French is very difficult but the power of the spirit and a simple testimony is what brings the spirit not a huge vocabulary.  I challenge you to bear your testimony everyday.  You either share it or lose it. I know that in bearing a testimony you find your testimony.  Im so grateful to be out here surronded with such great young men and women.  Dont be afraid to share your beliefs heavenly father will always be with you.  Stand for what you believe in and if you cant verbally bear a testimony, bear your testimony with how you act.  I love you all!
Elder Sackley

i sing songs in french to the elders in class to help them sleep

Two best buds out here elder Argyle and Elder Iund

this is elder rollins hes fluent in french spanish and english and is the most down to earth nice guy youll meet im gonna miss him

Since Elder rollins left for DC this is my new companion Elder Argyle hes a stud.

Je suis une dinosaur!!!!  Elder sharren and elder iund

This is Frere Israel one of my French teachers.  He is from Haiti.  He meet the missionaries when he was a teenager and served a mission a few years later in california.  He speaks pretty good English and its really helpful because his french is pretty similar to the people of the west indies