Thursday, August 28, 2014

week 5

Hello everyone!
Please keep in your prayers the two elders in Taiwan that passed away this past weekend.  We have an Elder in our zone who is bestfriends with one of them. He is very upset and we have been trying to help him out we all just found out this morning.  Ok hmm so i finally hit my one month mark! It has flown by for sure and i will be getting my travel plans to the west indies this friday!  So the day I hit one month everything finally caught up to me i think or at least a good amount.  I was very sad to leave you all behind but at the same time i was very numb and didnt really comprehend what all the goodbyes meant.  So i wake upsaturday and it was easily the roughest day of my mission so far.  I felt nasty didnt feel like eating or studying.  My mind was wandering all day long.  My companion took notice of it and took me outside to get some fresh air and study.  So im sitting on a bench reading in the book of mormon.  And this elder a couple benches down from me was singing and he had just a beautiful voice i was way jealous but i didnt take much thought to it.  All day i had a prayer in my heart just for some comfort and it seemed to not be coming.  Than i look up from my scriptures and he is standing right in front of me.  Asks if he can sing me a song.  I dont even remember the song he sung but i felt sooooo peaceful and just relaxed.  Than he looked at me and said "you leave your family for two years so another family can be together forever" than walked off.  I have no idea what prompted this elder to do or say any of this.  But it was an answer to my prayer.  I am so grateful for this missionary i know he was prompted to do so.  Always stay in tune with the spirit like this missionary was.  You never know if you may be answering another persons prayer by doing so.  I love you all have a good week by making someones week.
Elder Logan Robert Sackley

soooo we decided to celebrate our one month like men

sunday walk consists of me falling asleep under a tree

me and elder li

this is elder requillart he is from nothern france and im teaching him all the most important english phrases he knows "im going to give you a knuckle sandwhich"  "i will curb stump you" and etc

both elders from france

so my root canal was like the best experience ever.  The doctor broke the drill bit in my tooth.  Like it broke off the instrument and was stuck in my tooth for like thirty minutes he was yanking on it to try to get it out.  Than he ended up breaking 4 drill bits on my tooth yah idk how that worked out.  My teeth can stop drills but gets killed by a filling thanks obama

yay not

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