Wednesday, September 3, 2014

week 6

Oh boy one more week and I'm off to the races.  First off congratulations to Jaycee and Jacob Gerber you guys are going to rock it.  If anyone else received a mission call i apologize i hear like nothing from the outside world.  Anyhow.  This week was awesome. I have two stories. So first for those who don't know at the MTC we teach mainly RM's (return missionaries) or just members that volunteer.  For the most part we teach in our assigned language.  But there are some people who are paid employees who walk around wearing these gold tags.  Almost all are members just pretending to be investigators or some dont even pretend ahah.  But there are a select few that are real non members and oh my goodness we hunt for them.  

Teaching actors is fun and all but we're all here looking for the real deal.  So we meet a Gold Tag named Chae.  She is from medford oregon whoop whoop and we set an appointment up with her because she is super cool and has super awesome questions and we wanted to practice some teaching.  So after we walk away our teacher comes out to us and tells us she's a non member.  We were so pumped like finally a non member! But than it was more of like oh crap we cant mess this up.  

So we head into the appointment, and get to know her for a long time and than we just start asking about questions and what she ultimately narrowed it down to is how is the gospel going to make me a better mom.  Of course im searching and searching for some scripture that could explain it.  But Elder Argyle hits it right on the head.  "In our church we try to follow Jesus Christ.  We believe he is perfect and lived a perfect life. As we try to make our lives follow him we get closer and closer to his perfect example."  

Thats what made a light go off in my head. I love my parents and one of the things i love most is they did vocally teach me a lot of things.  But the stuff i picked up on most was how they acted.  How they taught me by example.  We than talked about how her kids do the same to her and as she tries to lead a perfect and good life her kids will learn.  There is no parenting book or class that can teach it as simply or easily as that.  As we follow the perfect example we set a good example for everyone watching.  And there is always someone watching.  

Second story.  In our branch they always give us a subject to talk on and than they randomly select one elder and one sister.  Elder Iund was sick so i stayed back at the residence and i thought hmm well im not going to church so i dont need to prepare a talk.  To my luck ten minutes before church starts they exchange an elder for me so i can go.  I didnt think much of it.  I mean i still had a 1/40 chance of being picked.  So i walk in and president Merill is just smiling at me.  I thought it was just by chance but he locked in on me.  In a panic i found a scripture on the atonement (the topic) and than low and behold he selects me.  Its a five minute talk in all french. 

 Im pretty confident in speaking in front of people if he would have said 20 minutes in english with a couple notes i would be golden.  But all freestyle in french!  I love DC 84:85  but i was not sure if it applied to a kid that speaks broken french.  I got up had a prayer in my heart and rocked it.  I spoke some of my best french I have spoken here so far and had all my thoughts organized.  After the meeting the elders were all asking me if i memorized my talk because i never looked down.  I dont tell this story to boast because it really has nothing to do with my french speaking ability.  But to show the lords promises are not bound by language, country, time, or place.  trust in him and he will do the rest. 

 I love you all have a good week!

The sisters from new caledonia!  Coolest people i have met here.  They are the best volley ball players and people

Elder Argyle and my teacher Soeur Echols!

Dont we all look the same?  Elder Li and Elder Ho from Taiwan!

Elder Prince and me

Me and Elder argyle dont play around

So we TRC skyped a guy in canada named clarence and i wanted to get a pic of him without him noticing it was pretty tough

Skyping natives

me and mark! 

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