Monday, September 22, 2014

week 9

hello everyone!

It is a burning probably 100 degrees here... actually i dont know.  

quick random thoughts than a quick message: I am in French guiana and there are tons of iguanas and lizards like everywhere and at night bats just rule the sky.  Everyone here is super humble and i have decided that i will never be able to drink juice from back home because the stuff here is to die for agh its so good. 

 French bakeries, brazillian grill, and french meals are going to make a fat elder sackley.  Thank goodness I am on a bike and its so hot its keeping me balanced. Also, nothing will make you feel so unathletic than playing soccer with a ton of south americans. gosh i dont even know if i have any athletic ability left.

 Ok serious note:  Through out my life I have loved sports and competing. One of my favorite quotes is... 

its a lack of faith that stops people from meeting challenges and i believe in myself" - muhammad ali.

 In our mission, traditionally french speaking is the driest in baptizing. But down here in french guiana we believe and know we're going to change that.  Just like in sports you always believe you are going to win and have that killer mentality we belive we can bring others unto christ and always have a sharp, strong mental state.  Its a lack of faith that stops missionaries from meeting challenges and i believe in God.  That is not cockiness, it's knowing that God is with us and knowing that believing that good will come is what gets you places.  Always believe in yourself in what your doing but ultimately in God. 

-Elder Logan Robert Sackley

ps: soooo this Thursday is zone conference hold onto your seat and listen to how sweet this is.  We wake up and all jump in a van and drive three hours to the Suriname border.  Than we jump into a canoe and go across a river that takes 20 minutes, then three more hours into Suriname   Soooo sweet so yes i will have gone to Suriname by next week.  there is also an american convience store there and we plan to drop 150 euro on american food and candy so we have starved ourselves for a couple weeks.  Sending love from French Guiana and Suriname 

pss: the creepy photo from last week? it's where one of his investigators live. apparently it was pitch black! 

our little building!
downtown cayenne
The spider is self explanatory, I only have bad words for my interaction
i wear a hat to blend in with the locals
downtown cayenne

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