Tuesday, September 16, 2014

week 8

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ok where to begin...I arrived in Trinidad and i swear the english down here is harder to understand than the french.  we spent two nights and a day in Trinidad. I roomed with an Elder from the Netherlands going dutch side, he was suppppper cool we bonded fast.  
List of countries i have been to so far:  Trinidad, Grenada, Barbados, I spent a day in Martinique, and now French Guiana.  Our mission is the second most expensive mission in the world, but I don't know whats first.  Anyways tons of travel.  its funny they only stopped the missionaries at customs, everyone else they just let through.  

ok Martinique is beautiful.  my very first lesson ever were teaching an 18 yr old and these two little kids were above us on an apartment landing.  and they are just chucking batteries and toys and who knows what at us.  thank goodness they were like 4 and had horrible aim.  Then one started yelling (all translation from french)  "i am going to pee on you white boys!!!!!" agh thank goodness he didn't! Anyhow i understand like 80 percent of what the french people say like i was way impressed how much i understand.  problem is so far we have taught in french, Haitian creole, other forms of creole, spanish, Portuguese, and the hardest language of all to understand... the english! 

the fruit and juice here is sooo good.  Elder Smith my father is super nice and cool.  I like him a lot he is from Utah i don't remember where.  I gave a talk in church yesterday im not sure if anyone understood it but the other elders said it was good so hey I'll take it. We're on bikes here; i have not ridden a bike since high adventure two summers ago so i look so goofy.  We also play basketball against the kids in the hood.  Supposedly they are good but even with ties, and dress shoes we smacked them. 

 The mosquitos are not horrible they are just mean.  Places i have been bitten; achilles, toes (slept with my feet uncovered), elbows, and inside of my wrists.  they tactfully bite in the worst places. There is no senior couple in french guiana so we run wild.  just kidding. The work is great last year there was 4 baptisms here in the whole year in the past 4 weeks we have had 5. and elder smith and i have 8 people with baptisms dates the gospel is exploding here its awesome.  

My address is 
RTE DE Baduel Bat. E app 2 Residence Pont Maggi 
97300 Cayenne, 
French Guiana.  

Do not send stuff to the mission home, I will never get it.  Also I have sweated more here than i think i have in the past 2 years combined. It is super hot and super humid. Stay Sweet or in my case sweaty...gosh I'm funny.  Actually no one here gets sarcasm it doesn't translate well. or else i would get punched a lot.

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

Elder Sackley with his companion

(Madison note: He sent us these photos with no caption or reason to them...so if anyone knows what they are....let us know!) 

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