Monday, September 29, 2014

week 10

First thing first is i got a haircut.  it is not yet complete but all elders in french guiana have french haircuts.  you gotta look like a french man if you want to speak like one.  so right now, i still need to grow my hair a bit longer but its a work in the process.  

Ok lots of really funny and good stories this week! 

Tuesday in french guiana: we have to use three locks when we lock up our bikes because everyone steals down here.  so we had just taught a lesson and we were going out to our bikes when I realized something is missing on mine.  we locked the wheels and the frame but the crazy people down here stole my bike seat.  Who even wants a bike seat????? anyhow i rode my bike like a straight harley: i sat way back on the basket on the back of my bike.  it doesnt help that my bike makes a squeaky noise so everyone was staring at the goofy american riding his bike without a seat.  

The Suriname trip:  We wake up early and drive three hours through the jungle. the only cool animal i saw was an armadillo so that was a let down.  than we get in a motor powered canoe and it takes probably ten minutes to cross the river.  than another three hour car ride where me and three other elders had to cram into a space that was probably big enough for two to sit kind of comfortably.  Because the west indies is such a big mission in 12 different countries, we only have zone conference... never mission conference.  So we get there and we room with two other elders: elder dam and elder wheaten, who were both super sweet. 

random fact about Suriname: they have a bus system there that is comparable to taxis. There are hundreds of buses everywhere you just wave one down and they will literally swerve through traffic hop the curb drive on the sidewalk and pick you up.  The only way i can describe the bus rides is in harry potter the midnight bus thing or whatever yeah they kinda drive like that.  

There is a store in Suriname called chois and it carries american brands. i dont know why, it just does.  i wont tell you the mission fund of french side missionaries but Suriname elders get 900 SRD.  me and elder smith have been starving ourselves so we can spend as much money on food as possible.  We spent 500 SRD in Suriname....  yeah we stalked up big time.  

Brief spiritual thought:  6 monkeys are placed in a cage that has bananas in the center.  every time a monkey reaches for a banana all 6 monkeys get sprayed with cold water.  pretty soon no monkey dares going for the banana.  Then 3 monkeys are taken out of the cage and a new 3 are put in.  when the new 3 reach the other 3 beat them down and yell at them knowing that they will get sprayed with water from past experience. soon all 6 wont touch the bananas again.  the first 3 are taken out and now we have 3 new monkeys when they reach the other three beat them down even though they never had the experience of being sprayed.  all 6 monkeys are enslaved by the past failures and ideas of the previous...In other words, don't let the past enslave or stop you from reaching your goals.

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

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