Monday, October 6, 2014

week 11

hello all

Its another beautifully hot day in french guyana.  General conference was awesome except its hard to focus sometimes when you are crammed in a small room with 8 missionaries with no AC watching conference over a laggy internet connection.  Definatley not the same as sitting in your pjs eating homemade cinamon rolls.  

This week was excellent! I want to write about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon today: i have two seperate examples i would like to share. The first is nelma.  The first day i arrived in french guyana was a thursday.  that saturday nelma and her daughter stephanie were going to be baptized.  Nelma had some problems and it didnt work out.  First time i met nemla she was nice but she seemed very shy, a bit sad, and very doubtful.  Over these past few weeks we have taught lesson after lesson with very little change.  Finally we decieded to just restart and stress reading the Book of Mormon.  Slowly but surely she agreed to read more.  Over these past couple weeks we have seen a complete transformation.  Nelma is always laughing and smiling and happy to see us. We have seen that as she reads more, she becomes happier and less doubtful.  

the other example is Whitner.  Whitner is 17 and we have been teaching him and his two brothers.  Whitner has struggled with drinking.  There have been a few times where we have gone to visit him and the last time he had drunk was just a few hours before we came.  He really did want to stop but just couldn't seem too.  We promised him if he read everyday that he could quit drinking completely.  Whitner now cant remember the last time he drank.  He loves the Book of Mormon and you can see a physical change in him.  

As missionaries we are not salesmen.  We are not here to convince people or persuade them.  Its as simple as read the Book of Mormon and decide for yourself.  I love it.  We carry with us something that changes people lives spiritually, physically, and mentally.  If you have any questions about the church its quite simple just read the Book of Mormon and you can decide for yourself.


Elder Logan Robert Sackley

"missionary gumbo is worse than it tastes"

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