Monday, October 13, 2014

week 12


Since i have been in French Guiana i would say its been difficult really communicating exactly how i feel.  I can talk and carry a religious conversation, but expressing how i feel to the people is really hard.  So we were contacting and it was hot. Elder smith's tire had popped, so we were on foot.  We were walking up and down a huge hill just getting rejected-no one wanted to talk.  

Than we saw two younger boys playing outside a long driveway and we decided to strike up a conversation and they invited us back to talk to their parents.  We get to their house later and there were tons of people there.  it was three families living together and we're thinking this is golden.  They are super friendly we start talking and we're just thinking "here we go this is great! big families, super friendly."  We bring up the Book of Mormon and they listen to us for a mintute than just say no.  I'm tired hot and frustrated and i just say a little prayer asking how we can help these people.  The word ACT came to my head.  So i whiped open my planner and showed an example about the Book of Mormon that i learned a long time ago.  The words were coming naturally and I felt really really good.  I testified did everything in my power-even at one point almost begging.  The women we had been talking to looks at me and says no. As we're walking away i'm just thinking why in the world did i feel so strong? why the word ACT if there was no result?  

It took me a couple days thinking it over to realize what i think the Lord was teaching me.  The word ACT wasn't to change the investigators prespecitve or to help us get a contact.  The prompting was for me.  I had never really tried so hard to contact someone or even talked like that in french.  The Lord was helping me understand that I was more capable than i realized.  I think often we recieve promptings to follow through and look around and see no result.  We second guess it or forget it all together.  Take the time to find what the Lord is or was trying to teach you.  And more often than not you will find the results were meant for an internal change not an external.

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

jungle hike was a lot more sweat and big bugs than andacondas and jaguars unfortunatley
we drove 2 hours into the jungle cause why not
the elders of french guiana just in our natural habitat
had my first Bami its a suriname dish its delcious
sunset over cayenne

so i decided if i want to teach the thugs i most first resemble one so this is the best we can do with a missionary ward drobe.... were working on it
this is a malta the teenagers here love it they say it taste like an unacholic beer and oh my goodness its horrible

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