Tuesday, August 19, 2014

week 4

So when my district came into the MTC there were four districts all older than us. They were all headed to France paris, france leon, and a couple of creole speakers to florida.  So they all left yesterday.  Its super weird because we went from being four districts below to the top dogs in a blink of an eye.  I'm going to miss them a lot they were super fun and nice.  Tomorrow night we gain 33 new missionaries in our zone!  Everytime a new district comes in we come into their rooms at 10:30 and sing them the song Souviens-toi its a french hymn look it up i love it!  We tuck them in and sing them a couple verses. 

Its hard to believe that ill hit my one month this week.  In some aspects it feels like it should be a year already but in others it feels like I just entered the MTC with a dork dot.  So this week we taught our first native speakers!  it was a family from Leon France.  I dont know if i should laugh or cry because they talk so fast "thats not the language they taught me in the MTC elder".  Actually we didnt do that bad.  Comprehension was not all there but we were able to teach a lesson on prayer and the effect your personal testimony has on prayer. The language is progressing but it is difficult at times. i do my best to laugh and not get down.  

I think one of the most underrated parts of the church is the good people inside.  We always hear stories on how a member did something offensive or was not being a good example of our faith but as a whole we are blessed to be with good people.  

Some of my best friends here at the MTC are two sisters from New caladoniea, two elders from nothern france, and an elder from taiwan.  They all speak english as their 2nd or 3rd language.  My french is terrible so communication is not all there.  But thats the wonderful thing about our faith. I have no idea what they have done or who they were before they were here.  But i love them.  Half the time i stumble over my words in french or dont understand what they are trying to say in english but the love is still there.  Its such a wonderful thing we are all blessed with.  That we can meet members from all around the world and love them almost immediatley.  Bad english bad french the spirit is what connects us. May we all do better to look past where someone is coming from what they have done and focus on more their spirit and how God sees them.  I love you all have a good week!

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

i dont always go to the mtc but when i do i bring little asian boys to massage my head

this is elder sherren he taught us all of the funny sayings in french

editor's note: 
apparently this is what logan is singing to the elders...we'd all love to hear him singing it...

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