Wednesday, August 13, 2014

week 3

Hello everyone,
Its been a quick week! Holy cow.  My french is coming along.  Me and my new companion Elder Argyle never really talked a whole lot in our old companionships because our french was pretty rough.  But now were forced to talk and were making big strides.  This week I have heard some pretty amazing stories about conversion.  During Devotional sunday night they had all converts that converted after age 16 stand than they called two down to tell their story.  The first one began to read the book of mormon because she was given a copy a long time ago and she hated this LDS girl at school and wanted to make fun of her.  That back fired.  She was baptized a year and a half ago and now is on a mission.  The other was an elder and he talked about his only goal in life was to have a big house fast car he just wanted money.  The look in this elder's eyes is stuck in my head.  He was so humble telling the story.  A buisness plan he presented was heavily criticized and it broke him. He took a look at his life and was so unhappy.  So he talked to a friend who was leaving on a mission about everything.  A month later he was batpized.  A year and three days later he was walking into the MTC.  I am chomping at the bit right now.  I cant describe how excited i am to go out and try to help people find true happiness.  A mission is often viewed as a major sacrifice but if i had a chance to play a minor role in either of these two stories that would be a succsesful two years.  I love you all and you are all in my prayers!
Elder Logan Robert Sackley

we find excuses to throw parties every night.  It was Elder Eastons birthday on monday he turned 14 (20)

This is elder Li he is from tawian.  He speaks broken english and says all white people are stupid.  He likes me though and calls me his tawaineese brother.  I also have him convinced i can speak chineese so will see how long i can keep that up

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