Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week 2

The saying is the weeks are days is some what true.  Looking back on this past week im not even sure if i slept.  It just feels like it was one big long day in my mind.  So we had devotional tuesday night and rumors were circling that L Tom Perry was coming so everyone was super early to devo trying to get the best seat possible.  For the most part everyone was a little bummed when the speaker was announced.  I love L Tom Perry but in all honesty i was more excited to hear from the speaker that came.... John Groberg! 

Growing up as a little kid watching the otherside of heaven John Groberg was my hero.  Whenever i thought of my mission i thought of the otherside of heaven.  It was amazing.  He spoke on bearing testimony.  I loved it he talked about how all the words and scripture on earth is useless without a testimony. 

 French is very difficult but the power of the spirit and a simple testimony is what brings the spirit not a huge vocabulary.  I challenge you to bear your testimony everyday.  You either share it or lose it. I know that in bearing a testimony you find your testimony.  Im so grateful to be out here surronded with such great young men and women.  Dont be afraid to share your beliefs heavenly father will always be with you.  Stand for what you believe in and if you cant verbally bear a testimony, bear your testimony with how you act.  I love you all!
Elder Sackley

i sing songs in french to the elders in class to help them sleep

Two best buds out here elder Argyle and Elder Iund

this is elder rollins hes fluent in french spanish and english and is the most down to earth nice guy youll meet im gonna miss him

Since Elder rollins left for DC this is my new companion Elder Argyle hes a stud.

Je suis une dinosaur!!!!  Elder sharren and elder iund

This is Frere Israel one of my French teachers.  He is from Haiti.  He meet the missionaries when he was a teenager and served a mission a few years later in california.  He speaks pretty good English and its really helpful because his french is pretty similar to the people of the west indies

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