Tuesday, March 29, 2016

week 85

Bonjour a tous (Hello Everyone)

Okay, well I don't have anytime.  I just wanted to add my prayers and thoughts to the missionaries serving in the Paris North Mission, (and for that matter just all of us in general).

I actually know both of the young Elders involved, not particularly well, but I was in the MTC with both of them.  Elder Empey was in my room a lot of the time the first three weeks of being in the MTC.  Also, I played sports with Elder Wells my last two weeks in the MTC.  I actually think He was my ZL in the MTC. I have a photo with Ender Empey I will attach.

A family here - the Booths showed me some videos of the two Elders.  I marvel at their spiritual stature.  Particularly Elder Wells bearing testimony of God hearing our prayers.

I will add my testimony to his inspiring example and words.  Look up - He is listening.

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

wishin elder empey a fast recovery

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