Tuesday, March 29, 2016

week 84

this one will be different

Dear Garrett

Im writing this letter to you and im letting all the people who read my blog(if people read this)see this letter so that they will remind you and push you for what im going to ask you to do now.

Yesterday my companion and I were invited over to the a members house to teach a friend of one of the young men in our branch.  His names Christopher hes got a big ol fro and reminds me of James Franco for some reason.  Anyhow its a friend that has been coming to church for the last couple of weeks and we decided to start teaching him.

we watched the restoration video after introduced the Book of mormon and i asked him "when you recieve an answer that this is true what do you think God will expect from you?" he said "ill have to share it"  "thats exactly right i know that when God tells you these things are true he will want you not only to join his church but share it.  Will you read and pray and when  you recieve your answer prepare to serce a full time mission ?"  

"i will.... so how did you get your answer?"

well Garrett this kid is 17 going on 18 same age as you and same age as me when i got my answer.

And heres how

Madison left on a misison April 2012 and when she left she gave me a BOM that i had to read through and mark.  She told me she wanted me to finish it before she got home.  Fast forward till August 2013 and i had made 0 progress in the BOM.  Feeling a sense of obligation to Mad and above all not wanting to accept failure i started reading.  Every. single. day. 

 I finished the BOM 3 nights before she got home and the moment i recieved my answer i knew it was time to get ready for a mission. 

I get home this summer and i want you to start and finish the BOM before than and i know and am personally convicted that not only will Christopher get his testimony if he reads but you will too and it will be time to kick things into a higher gear and get ready to go and serve.

Challenge accepted?

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

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