Thursday, December 3, 2015

week 66

my comp is set already ahahha

Elder Gardiner has left me for Guyane

moses splitting the Brown sea

if you take my spot take my handicap also!

teachin in da rain,

The photo is me and some other elders getting to the Church.  we had a Skype meeting with the assistants so we treked through thigh high water to get there. I was doing my best moses impersination.

Theres been a massive rain storm as of late and i will tell you the Lord is on our side ahahha.  One of the biggest problems we come across in the mission is people have gates so if you want to talk to them you have to be clever and convince them to come to the gate and talk and than you have to be witty enough to let them open the gate.  

but when its dumping rain and lightning is so loud car alarms are going off... thats not me being dramatic thats me just telling you what happens..... peoples hearts get softened towards a soaked to the bone missionary.  I dont know its something i have been thinking about this week.  I got a couple calls from missionarys in the zone asking if they should go out because of the weather.  And i seriously cant think of a better time to proselyte.   

firstly being oregon grown who in the world is scared of rain?  and why is everyone so concerned about getting wet thats just like the daily routine.  and than secondly ill just tell what happens yesterday.

we go to this mans house named Frantz.  He was a cool contact but not super engaged its dumping on us so we go up and start talking to him.  Hes shaking us and trying to get us to go away when mrs Frantz comes out and yells at us to come in the house for goodness sakes its raining.  We ended up sitting down and low and behold a family of 3.  Two people who are actually married right infront of us and we just have a stellar lesson.  There whole attitude towards us just changed looking at two silly kids from up north soaked to the bone they were curious what would push us to do such a thing.  Pray for them and pray for some more rain.

Watch out Martinique theres a crazy kid from oregon who loves his rain

Elder Logan Robert sackley

so we were driving by a big field with like 20 guys playing baseball lots of them were from the domincan republic but lots of martiniquans too.  so they hit a foul ball right by our car so i hope out and they all start whooping at me making fun of the silly missionary so they send a guy out to meet me half way about a 50 foot throw so i summoned my 4th grade baseball skills and with some pride and anger fired this ball just a line drive at this guy.  

ended up throwing it too hard and he could hang unto it and everyone on the field was going wild now yelling " american! hey its an american!  come play! come play on our team!" i would have but i cant bat so i let my ego and pride be boosted a little than we took off.

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