Thursday, December 3, 2015

week 69

Barbados trip was just too much

ok we got to go fast

Barbados was sweet.  we got there really early on Wednesday so we got paired up with some English elders and did splits all day.  no offense everyone else but English preaching is really easy. aahahah I only had a couple stumble ups with French words and spoke a tiny bit of franglish but English side has got it smooth.

MLC was super cool.  Elder Martinez from the 70 was there and it was tiring it was just non stop talking the spirit was thick.  I learned so much but just a brief over riding theme was focused on the Apostle Peter.  and ill just butcher and uchtdorf quote but Peter was always willinging to take risks and even though it lead to blunders he learned so much more and so much faster than his colleagues.

To change gears these past couple of weeks I have been having a hard time.  Just not happy with the zone area comp whatever its just been hard and so I needed just a moment to think last Monday.  So I just started spilling my guts into my journal and I couldn't figure it out.  

Tuesday morning I woke up and prayed for a long time kind of calling out a little bit What lack I yet.  And my answer was Virtue.  And im not talking about immoral thougts virtue im saying that is garnishing my thoughts uncessingly virtue that wont even allow one thought enter my mind unless it uplifts.  So I decided I was going to allow virtue garnish my thoughts for the day.  It was really hard I had to stay focused all day long on it but something amazing happened.

We met this man named Raymond.  He walked up to us and said who are you?  we started talking and he let us into his house.  his wife sat down and we started explaining why we were there.  Raymond stopped us and looked at us and said there is no way you are not God sent.  And the spirit just about knocked us all out of our chairs.  

That night I was reflecting on it and I have no doubt in my mind that it came because of the refined mindset.  so I allowed it to continue all week and I feel so good.  so much more happy for lack of a better word.

Back to the MLC we didn't have any thanksgiving meal or anything so that was sad but we did have pizza that tasted like real American food so that was special.  

lots of random thoughts take it how you see it

Elder Logan Robert Sackley


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