Wednesday, December 9, 2015

week 70


I'm really bad with words and if you read my blog i guess you already know that so ill just fire straight:  This week was hard.  It was hard for two stories and because of lack of time and creativity ill just lay them out simple.

Saturday morning i got a call from Elder Wilson.  He's in his first 6 weeks in the field and he says "elder sackley i need the mission doctors number i had a mini stroke"  hes a goofball so it took about 10 minutes for him to convince me he was being serious.  Later that night i get a call and he says "Elder sackley I'm going home monday morning they want to run tests on me".  I'd say im afraid of three things in life: tsunamis, scary movies, and going home early because of medical reasons.  We talked for a while on the phone.  He's a really funny guy and he was taking it better than i ever could.  That night we went over to his appartment to see how he was doing.  Even with his Utah utes snapback on and the hang loose sign he threw up to me i could tell he was hurting.  We sat him down and he asked for me to give him a blessing.  All of my mission i have been super engaged with blessings when an investigator says " i dont care you choose" 

I'm quick to volunteer.  i love being a part of them there is nothing else like it.

But this time i was uneasy.  I didnt know what to say.  I started the blessing and i had nothing i took a good 15 second pause and just thought to myself "heavenly father i cant give this blessing" and thats why i love blessings because in that moment i didnt give the blessing.  I opened my mouth and the words came out.  There was no way i could have conjured up this blessing with my own thoughts or feelings.  

Saturday was rough, i got a call from Frere Noel asking if i could meet him to go see Pierre Joesph.  Pierre Joesph got baptized back in july.  He has been not doing super well as of late he complains a lot about stomache pain but i was shell shocked and blown away when he said " i have liver cancer".  Writing this now i still dont really know how to put my feelings other than please pray for pierre joesph.  I love this man a lot.  

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

Elder Wilson looking sharp

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