Thursday, December 3, 2015

week 68

Bonsoir mes amis

Ok in honor of grandpa im going to share a couple thought about my mission.

Madison asked me for a grandpa memory and this is what came to mind.  When i was about 11 i was at the cabin and we were eating lasagna for dinner.  There was a lot of meat and cheese still on my plate and i didnt want to finish it so grandpa Grabbed me by the shirt pulled me in nose to nose and said Logan if you ever want to have chest hair like this, he proceeded to pull his neck line down and show me his chest hair, you got to eat your lasagna.

And id say that about sums up my mission. Especially this last week we had some real uncomfortbale moments spent filing old apartment reports or dealing with silly missionaries and somedays i just wanted to push the plate away and say no more i didnt ask for all this left over cheese and mystery meat to eat.  And the lord has yanked me by the collar and said Elder Sackley if you ever want to be a man you got to do this you got to finish your plate.

I think this has been the biggest growing period of my life these past couple of months.  I have had to eat a lot of cheese and meat and in honor of Thanksgiving ill express an open gratitude for that.  We all want to acheieve big goals in life but we hate the paths we have to take to get there.  Elder Susi or i guess hes still Immanuel asked me to say a trial that im thankful for and how right is he?  Happy Thanksgiving everyone im thankful for you and pray for you.

Ill be in barbados for Thanksgiving for a MLC with Elder Martinez of the 70 should be good

thanks for the advice grandpa love you lots

Elder Logan robert Sackley
hatian bokit ou pataƩs

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