Monday, December 28, 2015

week 72

i have so much to say

So will start with my companions.  First is Elder Fitzgerald hes my actual comp that works with me in my area Lamentin.  He has been out one transfer and boy he had it rough his first transfer he is a stud in all honesty but his trainer did nothing with him.  He said they taught one lesson the whole transfer so yeah.  He studied french an hour a day up until he came out so he speaks fairly well and has just the purest heart.  Elder Moux is my ZL comp.  He lives 45 minutes away and is a stud.  I went on exchange with him last friday.  Hes going to be sooooo good for the zone.  Since a lot of the elders are foreigners they dont take correction well from Americans so Elder Moux is taking the reins on that.  On the exchange he just said " i know this elder is being disobedient we have no time to wait lets go see him" he sat the elder down and laid down the law saying "we want you stay out here but we wont tolerate any of it this transfer" hes the honeybadger to put it simply

My area

Lamentin area is traditionally a difficult area.  im not saying that because im discouraged believe me when i say im fired up ready to destroy these transfers here.  But the area itself hasnt baptized in well over a year.  So our first day in the area we got a text from a long time investigator named Anita saying "i want to be baptized this saturday" she wasnt baptized this saturday we have some stuff to work out but i cant even describe how much the lord is doing to hasten the work here.  The area has a ton of members and RMs in it the branch has a 70 in it and a the first counselor in the mission presidency.

The members

so last night i went over to the first counselors house and talked battle plans.  he said " i have waited long enough and i need to progress and i can only progress in hastening the work Elder this is a time of action i need you with me" hes a very passionate man and im SOOOO excited to work with him were going to the District council tomorrow night and presenting mission plans to them but i have never seen a member so convicted to hasten the work.  When i left his house his wife stopped me and said "Elder Sackley we had 4 baptisms for the year in the year 2015 fix it" 

I havent completely been drowned by all these responsabilities but im SO pumped i want to stay here for the rest of my mission.

I just want to leave this letter with my testimony of Jesus Christ.  Mom told me to try to imagine Jesus as a child and honestly everytime i do my heart melts.  I know he is our savior and redeemer i know he is the christ but above all i know he is my old brother and friend.  I bear witness that truely the greatest act of love the world has ever seen was the gift of the son of God.  how loved are we?  how great is it to be here?  i love you all and invite you to share a piece of what God shared with us so long ago.

Happy christmas harry

elder logan robert sackley

Elder Moux this is the other ZL and my home boy

me and my new comp Elder fitzgerald!

tchye  my boys Elder Manasanga from Vanauata Elder Sejournet and pollock from tahiti 

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