Monday, December 28, 2015

week 73


I guess if i had to sum up my 2016 new year resolution as a missionary id put it in one word "attack" 

On tuesday i went to a meeting with President Eclar, First counselor in the mission presidency, and the District Presidency.  It was really weird being in there with all the biggest leaders on French side but i held my own or at least i like to think i did.  But the meetings theme was essentially "we need to attack the year"

The District took a step back in 2015 assistance went down, baptisms, basically anything that was good went down.  And the leaders and missionaries were hurting ahah we wanted so much more than that for 2015 so were putting a foot down.  the falling of numbers stops now.  There is an overwhelmingly feeling of desire to grow here on Guadeloupe.  President Eclar put it best by saying "IM HUNGRY".  So were attacking the year starting saturday were having a fireside with all the missionaries, DMBS, and BPs to talk about how were going to increase efforts.  Followed by firesides in each branch to train members and than a big missionary activity at the end of the month.

I have never seen so much determination and action my whole mission.  Things are going insane here and im really bad explaining but trust me ahah.

We set a date with a guy named Yves Andre for Garretts birthday so pray i can get garrett a baptism for his birthday ahahha

and if youre wondering about my other resolutions for 2016 ill sum it up in one word "marriage"


Elder Logan Robert Sackley

teaching him how to drive stick


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