Thursday, December 3, 2015

week 67

This week was stellar. When we finished off the week looking at numbers we didnt feel super good but i want to share some expériences with you that really kind of blew me away.

First was on saturday. Elder Okano is a great missionary not just a good one but a great one he really wants to go above and beyond the call and his love and dilligence showed this past week. We decided to fast for the faith and ability to find and baptize someone in the next 4 weeks. So saturday night comes around and were walking on the boardwalk its about 830 and we havent had much luck. I bumped into an old contact who kind of hasseled us than took off. When a voice called out to us right behind us. It was a man and a women sitting on a bench. We sat down next to them as they started asking who we were and what we were doing. I could tell seeing two Young missionaires with funny accents inticed them a lot. They asked us to sing a song to them which was a little out of the ordinary followed by an explanation on the BOM and Joesph Smith. The spirit was there so strong and i could just feel their sincerity as they listened and asked quesitons. After Church Elder okano and I ended the fast seperatley in the same room. When we talked about what we felt we both felt that this man was the anwser to out fast. His name is tony hes from montreal and were going to see him later this week.  The other women ended up being a friend of his but we really feel like hes someone special.

Second experience

In Church our longtime invesitgatiors Simeon and Espagna came. Espagna is the guardian of three kids that have been coming to Church for the past 4 or so months. Espagna told us that the Church was not for her but parfois she will come to be with her kids and boyfriend. This past week was the primary program. Im going to have to give a trophy or a cake to the Primary President for what happened. Her youngest son is still in primary so kid after kid goes up and talks about Jesus Christ and simple principles that Espagna would find common ground on than her son goes up and he gave a talk on Joesph Smith the prophet of the restoration. I cant remember the last time my jaw dropped like that watching as a 10 year old boy not baptized in this Church bore a powerful sweet testimony to what felt like to be only his mother. I havent had the occasion to talk to Espagna since than but i know the lord is softening her heart through her children.  

I wish i could adress this better but time is short.  With all this talk on the change of Church Policy and The shooting in Paris i will just leave it to the last thing we should do is leave the ship.  Not understanding is one thing but allowing emotion and confusion judge or décisions is foolish.  More directly to members of the Church you didnt get a testimony from a Church Policy so you dont lose a testimony from one either.  

Elder Logan Robert Sackley
now with 5 elders stemming out of the sackley blood line in my zone i make them do the"sure love ya" with me after prayers

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