Sunday, August 2, 2015

week 53


okay hmmm

This week was pretty exciting.  During our weekly planning we got a call from the mission office telling us we were on "code orange".  Meaning there is a volcano off the coast of Grenada that had been causing some earthquakes and we were on alert for possible explosion! followed by a tsunami!  My companion and I are in charge of Martinique so we're in charge of everyone's safety as well.  With a possible tsunami on the way we reacted exactly like a 19 and 20 yr old kid would.

(Naturally we were super excited about our possible deaths) ahaha

Unfortunately for our imaginations the volcano chilled out a bit and were all safe.  We justify ourselves by saying that a tsunami would humble the people and hasten the work.  Our investigator Shenor is on his way to be baptized this Saturday!  I could honestly say he is the definition of determination.  I wish i could say more but i'm out of time!  more news next week!


Elder Logan Robert Sackley

biggest spider of my mission i fought it like a lion and ten minutes of screaming and rock throwing letter i slayed it

aye pierre joesph birthday
our newest reactivation Frere Roll mah ville.  i dont know how to spell his name but thats how you pronounce it.  

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