Sunday, July 26, 2015

week 52 (One Year)

lots to say not much time to write

This week was really good!

First off we have an investigator named shenor who loves the gospel but his comprhension just isnt quite there.  it helps us a ton when we have members with us.  So after church on sunday we sat down shenor, Frére Noel, and a couple other members.  We had a plan in our mind and than Frére Noel took over.  He set a date for shenors baptism (1st of august) and than proceded to set rendezvous for the next two weeks coordinating with each member to come with us.  So ya baptism next week thanks to pere noel ahahah hes a killer!

ok in honor of hitting hump day this week i want to just reccount my first day as a missionary because it feels like it was seriously a week ago.

I will be forever grateful i left so early in the morning.  My head was elsewhere and i didnt really have time to process anything.  Quick hugs and a security check followed by a final wave and i was off.

I sat down next to two other missionaries an elder and sister one was going to california the other philipines.  A taller elder joined us he was going to mexico and i sat next to him on the flight.  He actually was at dance festival he did the electric dance or what have you so we talked for a while. to try calming the nerves i joked about watching a movie on the plane.  He didnt think it was funny.  When we got off in Utah i tried convincing him to run away with me and we could just live normal lives ahahah. once again he didnt bite.  So there i was.  I went down the escalator to be greeted by a big family that had a big sign saying welcome home!

Thats when my stomache turned realizing i wouldnt see anything like that for 2 years ahahha.  I plopped down in the airport and talked to a bunch of new missionaries who were equally nervous.  Uncle allen came and got me we rode a bus to his car in the parking lot.  we went and saw grandpa at the rest home he told me a story about one of his companions who tried sun taining while they contacted.  Than we ate some phili cheese steaks.

Thank goodness uncle allen despite his pink shorts doesnt tolerate cry baby stuff he hugged me and i was off.  i was ushered by an elder going to russia.  when i told him i was going to the carribean he asked me if that was even a mission living on tropical islands.  I got my books and was plopped into class looking across at my future MTC comp Elder Argyle who had taken 5 years of french and helped me understand what the teacher was saying to me.  

I ate chicken cordon bleu and a lot of ice cream to numb my brain. i plopped my head on my pillow and realized i was a dead man ahah.

And the reason i reaccount this all is because the first year flew by SO fast.  I cant believe it.  i loved every moment of it and im so pumped for this next year.  I love you all 

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

home boy jerson

trinité church

Trinité is real pretty

Fort de France

im a french man

You can't escape me! 

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