Monday, July 13, 2015

week 51

this week was killer

Firstly, the new mission president is in the house.  He flew into Martinique on Tuesday and Elder Belnap and I  met them there so they could follow us to the church with their rental car.  They are SUPER nice people, and are  very warm and friendly.  It's going to be sweet working with them, I can already tell and it makes me way excited. We had a "get to know you" meeting and then interviews with President, and then we were off to work with the President. 

The very first thing we did with the President was that we found a car that had broken down on a hill and so we all hopped out and pushed a car up a hill in the blazing sun. It was HARD.  We were all sweaty after that, and then went to our first appointment.  We taught a really good lesson and set a baptismal date in front of the president just to show him what sup (hahah).  Then we went and saw Pierre Joesph, who absolutely loved the attention and the chance to meet the mission President! He talked our ears off and we had a good time talking with him.  As we were leaving to drop president off at the hotel he asked us what we were doing for dinner- (Its just mission culture but no one eats dinner here-we eat big lunches and then work the rest of the we rarely ever have dinner appointments.)  So he invited us to dinner with him his wife and the branch president. and uh we werent going to say no to that!

Intially it was supposed to be on top of the hotel which is SUPER nice but the restaurant up there wasn't opened so we went to another restruant.  Amongst the missionaries we always joke about how we want to eat there but none of us have enough money to buy even a salad there.  So we were about to pee our pants when we walked in.  I got a big ol steak and it was heavenly: best meal of my mission.  We got to talk to our new mission president and his wife and our branch president.  It was legendary to say the least.

And then on Saturday Pierre Joesph got baptized.  It was real sweet, he's a cool guy.  From day one when we walked up to him and he said "oh the jesus men are here to save me" until now he has been a super star.  A couple days before his baptism he got hit by some anti mormon literature by some friends and they told him the church was the devils church and in reply he said "well i guess i love the devil." (obviously joking).

what a goof

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

yes desert too
president lovin some pierre joesph

the hotel

Elder moux caught a bird


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