Monday, July 6, 2015

week 50


I have no idea how it's july already. It's kind of hard judging what time of the year it is when its always the same weather.  But wow july is here and its going good already.

First off: the new mission president is on his way to Martinique tomorrow.  He speaks french but who knows how much french that means.  He gets in tomorrow at 10 and we will pick him up and then have a meeting with the zone at 11. He then is planning interviews afterwards, and he wants to take a swing at teaching with us in Fort de France with us for a couple hours!  Should be fun, I'm real excited and we're not quite sure exactly what we want to do but we're going to go real hard on him.

In other news our investigator Pierre Joesph is going to get dunked this saturday (as in he's going to get baptized!)!  He's a refferal from Frere Noel and he is super excited about being baptized.  He never stops talking about the temple and asks eternal marriage questions all day every day but i love him.  his first sunday at Church was the fast and testimony meeting in june so afterwards he told me he was going to bear his testimony in july.  I didnt think much of it but yesterday i was sitting in Church with him and his eyes were just fixed on the pulpit and i asked him hey do you still want to give your testimony? It seemed as if he was waiting for me to ask him if he wanted to, because halfway through my sentence, he just sort of got up. It was one of those proud parent moments. 

He bore his testimony on the Book of Mormon and the Church and declared I'm getting baptized saturday!

And hey we're not going to deny the man of his desires! 

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

Grilling on P-day!

Look what we found! 
Cows run this town. 

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