Monday, June 29, 2015

week 49


Well, remember last week about how I was making fun of the locals for their fear of the sand pollution? Some how karma came back to me-I don't know if  the allergic reaction was from the sand exactly, but I am going to blame it on the sand. I have woken up the past couple mornings with my eyes swollen... Mom relax im doing fine its just this dumb sand.  

This week was cool.  And when i say cool i mean COOL.  I am at a loss of words to describe it any other way, but anyhow we will suffice with cool.  First thing first the West Indies Mission is dead as of this week. It would seem I am one of the last west indian borns.  We have now become the Barbados Bridge Town Misison.  but I still will bleed WIM.  Here is the last letter I received from President Mehr:

I would love for you to stop by the house and let's eat a steak together. It has been wonderful to know you and I think that you are an outstanding missionary. You will do and have done great things in the mission. You are a great leader and I'm so excited for the future with you in it. And the Lord continue to bless you. You are truly one of his great ones. I will miss you tremendously.

With love,

President Mehr

When i got to Martinique everyone talked about the lack of member work or the work not progressing.  Well a couple weeks ago my companion and I decided to fast. A challenge President Mehr gave us was after you fast and before you eat write down your experience of the fast, as in how you felt, what you saw, impressions you may have had. He said that if you do that before eating, you will end up writing down revelation...and i mean, who doesn't want to prophecy? So we did it.   

At the very end of our fast as we were writing, I wrote down the thought that Frére Noel would play a huge role in the misisonary work here.  Since that day he has referred to us to 10 people.  And not only just referred us to his friends, he also has gone to all the lessons and taught and bore powerful testimony with us.  The fruits of this work with Frere Noel has so far brought 3 baptismal dates that we have a LOT of confidence in and will set a couple more later this week. 

The man is on fire!  Even yesterday we were teaching one of his referrals and  since a member of the District President was with us, we decided we'd give frere noel a break because he works with us a lot and we had a member with us already.  We sat down to say the opening prayer and when the prayer finishes we look up and frere noel is walking down the hill, coming to join us. The entire lesson long it was like the spirit was on fire and being channeled through Frere Noel. He's incredible! 

I realized after working with him that he just knows how to do missionary work all on his own! Also, that more often than not, we as members really need to have the spirit of Noel in giving referrals to missionaries. Oftentimes when missionaries ask for referrals, members feel like they've already done their work-as in, they've taught a lesson once or twice with missionaries before and therefore their work is done. Rarely do members take missionary work on their own backs and work for themselves in every day life.  We try balancing our social life and spiritual life rather than meshing it together.  I believe Frére noel is just getting started and he's going to continue killing it with sharing his testimony. Imagine if we all decided to have a little noel fever?!

If we stepped outside of our comfort zone and started being who we proclaim to be - full time members of the Church who are always being an example and sharing the gospel you know and love.

I love you all now go out and get some noel fever! we need you in the mission field with us

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

Let's go sailing in Martinique dad!
Frere Noel leading the way
never cry for someone who wouldnt cry for you

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