Sunday, June 28, 2015

week 48

Bloggg time

So right now in Martinique there is a lot of "pollution" as the locals would put it.  This polution is actually sand from the Sahara Desert...YEAH. Apparently this time of the year big gusts of Wind pick up the sand and carry it across the ocean and blast poor Martinique. (There's something you didn't know!)  It really just looks like foggy all the time and it doesnt effect breathing or anything... at least i have not noticed it but its just another reason for them to complain ahahah

We have been praying a lot to start getting the trust of the members here because seriously the auxiliaries we are working with are SHARP.  They know what they are doing but are not super thrilled by missionary work because of the lack of succsess in previous years.  This week we gave about 10 priesthood blessings to members and were in and out of the older generation member homes serving and helping them and stealing away their friends' contact info.

I'd say right now is probably the most excited/hungry for successes i have been my whole mission.

So this week we were contacting and we were getting numbers and some doors shut on us when Elder Belnap says "elder sackley we were forordained to be the missionaries in Fort De France and i bet people came up to us and said you better find me when you two are together..but how will we know when we find them?"  I replied a little sarcastically "because they told me they live in door 4!" And then knocked on "door 4" but no one anwsered so i turned and knocked on door 3 and a lady opened up and said

"I looked through the peep hole and i knew that seeing the two of you had to be a sign. Come in!" 

And then we met Sondra. She's 45ish she has two kids and a nasty case of cancer.  She is a practicing catholic church goer and as she put it at the end of the lesson  "I am willinging to drop everything to join the Church if this message is true."

Do you think Sondra is the end of the curse of Fort de France?

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

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