Tuesday, June 9, 2015

week 46


Hopefully i will have more time to write today but we will see

i feel like i owe you all a better picture of what this place is like so thats what im going to try to do: Martinique has one branch in Fort De France in a little room above a car garage.  It has a group on the east side of the island that is consistently about 10-15 people.  The branch is at about 55-60 people. Statically it is one of the smaller branches and slower places of missionary work we have on the French side of things. 

The branch itself is built on the back of a bunch of RMs and young RMs at that.  So it is SWEET because we all seem to be on the same page. They just get it. They know what the branch needs and are determined to get it going.  The Branch president's name is President Lagin. He served here 4 years ago maybe a little more and the Elders Quorum president is Fréré Telga who was AP when i came into the mission.

My area is Fort De France which is the biggest city in the french side of the mission or at least i believe so and its just an urban jungle of tiny roads and houses built on unstable slopes.  The island is beautiful and super green with big mountains all in the distance.

And honestly i love it on Martinique.  The problem we encountered in Guyane was lots of new members with not enough older stable ones.  Here, it's a lot of old stable members and not very many new ones.  So we're going to start lighting them up.  We just fixed some zone goals for baptism and key indicators and we're calling it TURNOVER8 which has meaning behind it so I will explain it one day maybe.  But the zone is fired up.

Martinique is a big sleeping giant and we're going to wake her up.

As for me and my comp we're doing really good.  On french side something i have come to realize is that you cannot fluff things up with investigators. we teach with sledge hammers not feathers because its the only thing people respond too.  If we dont teach with power and authority they eat us up.  And we saw how great it can be when we do throw it down this week when we stated boldly the doctrine and bore testimony. they could not reject it.  We are gracious in our approach and contact and lethal in our teaching and boldness.

Float like a butterfly sting like a bee

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

you so purty martinique


look at these baby path ways they call roads here

We dressed up like little French men. It's my new style. 

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