Tuesday, June 9, 2015

week 45

Well some dude is kicking me off the computer

so fast:

i went to guadelope i was the MC or i guess i conducted zone conference it was sweet it was the last time to see the Mehrs before the mission splits and we receive a new president...it was lots of fun.  I had to say bye to all my mission friends because it was the last time ill see them before they go home

ok he's yelling at me

bye bye 
 kiss kiss

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

A little more he wrote home about: 
I sport a name tag in Creole and French because depending on the person and where we are, one works better than the other. We rode on a plan to go to Zone Conference and nothing is as cool as rolling off a plane in your white shirt. When I got to Zone Conference it was a weird feeling looking around and seeing 10 zone leaders and realizing 8 will be going home in the next two transfers. There is definitely a young and an old group in our mission, and after talking to President Mehr about it, I am excited it soon will all be young missionaries. Also mom, we cannot ride bikes here because the city is right on the beach, but the towns are SUPER hilly and so we are mostly on foot or ride the buses. I was in Guadeloupe this weekend and said goodbye to all my friends, which was sad, but I'm excited for the new! 

Love you.

President and Sister Mehr

All my buddies!

Note: we wore long shirts for conference. 

Me being the MC

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