Monday, June 15, 2015

week 47


This week was a killer. Martinique probably has one of the smaller branches on the french side of the mission, but probably also has the most solid members.  All the members are firm in the gospel, and have 20 years in the Church...Which is great, but we've been feeling like they're in we are slowly trying to push them back to working with us.  One member in particular from Canada named Fréré Noel turned into Père Noel (Santa) this week as he started giving us presents. 

At one point this past week we went to meet with an investigator named Pierre Joesph and the way he greated us was: "the men of God have arrived, now i am happy" Of course he accepted a baptismal date and we are excited to "dunk" him soon. 

I went on exchange with a really young missionary who has been having some stress and lack of will problems.  He came into my area for the exchange, so i was determined to make sure this Elder felt accomplished.  We had been teaching these guys named Carl and Jean paul and i knew we could commit them to a baptismal date so i set the return rendezvous to be with this young missionary.

When we got there I told the green we were going in guns blazing-no way we were going to get denied.  The lesson was going really well and i turned to this elder and in English just said fix the date for july 4th and then kind of sat back and let him do the rest.  It was one of those moments where you hold your breath and have the confidence the greenie could do it.

He stumbled over his first couple words and he seemed a bit nervous, but he finally extended the invite. Both investigators sat and thought for a minute.  (By this point I was purple in the face from holding my breath) And they accepted! 

When we walked out of the lesson this elder had a strut in his step swagger going on it was sweet!  

My whole mission i have wanted to be the best missionary possible.  I thought i would find the most satisfaction in improving my missionary skills in going out contacting, setting dates, and doing what missionaries do.  Now being zone leader for roughly a transfer i have found a lot more satisfaction in seeing a young missionary find that strut in his step.  


Elder Logan Robert Sackley

our Church is a room above a car shop

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