Monday, February 29, 2016

week 79


well this is different im writing on thursday because Carnaval it just came to a close yesterday which means things should go back to normal.

a couple random thoughts

Fast sunday i weighed in at 205 pounds yes uncle mike i weigh over 200 pounds all the time right now i cant believe it either.  So we started the fast and just went HARD all day non stop i was on exchange with elder pincock and were buddies and we wanted to see who could lose the most weight during the fast.  He dropped 9 pounds but I was victorious getting down to 194.  Still got it

Which brings me to the next point of i convinced all the elders in the zone to do a "biggest loser" competition with me until the end of next transfer so 6 months to sexy is still alive.  It almost died when i saw the MEGA MAC

I have two stories this week

On Sunday night my comp left the room for a little while and came back visually upset.  He sat down and i asked the inspired question of "dude whatsup".  We have been getting along really well i like him alot but there is a lot of negative swirl around him and rumors of what hes done as a missionary.  The moment i asked he just broke down.  He really opened up and really expressed how he feels like everyone is condeming him or just looks down on him. He took a while just expressing frustrations and hopelessness

And for the first time since we got together i was able to see a brief glance at how his father in heaven feels about him.  After a moment of silence and clarity i looked at him and said "I dont condemn you".  I really do love this Elder were going to do great together

The next story is one i shared with mom and ill let her decide if its ok i share it now this was my letter 


i feel like you should hear what happened to me on tuesday.  Shortly after i got the call i was teaching zone meeting like 15 minutes so i was a little shell shokcked by it all but i could do it.  I was numb really and we turned on a part of talk for the zone to watch and as it was playing i was reflecting on it all.  Luckily the room was dark so no one really could see my facial expressions but in reflecting a thought past through my mind "grandpa is watching you teach zone meeting"  i know where he is mom.  i know youll see him again and i know hes out here with me.  i know hes watching over you and me.  I love you be happy 

Be strong

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

ps: i decided im going to just sell cars for a living.  Right now were in the process of selling our junky van and id say im doing pretty well for myself.

the original bid was at 2000 and i would say thats SUPER forgiving.  like this van has been everywhere and back the seats arent bolted in anymore, we have 4 super bald tires, amechanic told me i should get a 4000 euro paint job before i even thought about trying to sell it, and all the million dents and broken things inside and outside of it.  But literally by what i believe to be the Grace of God i have an offer at 7000 euros.  

Prodigy?  i think so

But things are looking real good in our area our investigator Yves Andre has his baptismal interview this saturday and the 27th is his baptism he was telling everyone at church all about it.  Were about to break the 16 month drout in this area!

Your favorite car salesmen 

elder logan robert sackley

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