Monday, February 29, 2016

week 81

ok fast fast fast

the MLC was super good like oh my goodness best MLC i have ever been to.  And i really think it was like that because we all came prepared.  it was clear all the zone leaders were there to learn and help each other it was all on repentance and the atonement and it was very powerful.

so this letter will just be an experience i had at the MLC

i was going to be interviewed by president herrington but at the last minute they had me be interviewed by elder martinez.  it was a little nerve racking we sat down and just talked about my family followed by two questions.  Why did you come on a mission?  and how have you changed on your mission? ill focus on the later

Honestly ill just go heart to heart with whoever reads this i really havent felt much of a change.  I work hard everyday but i still have my weaknesses and what not and earlier in the MLC i was reflecting on this very question and i couldnt conjur up anything.  so i looked at him and said "elder martinez i dont know" the words tasted like salt and my eyes sweated a little bit.

He stared at me for a while and said "ok who would know?" 

we talked for a while about this quesiton and came up with a couple answers or things i could do. Followed by him saying elder sackley "what zone do you lead?" followed by some follow up quesitons on how the missionaries are doing or what they were doing when i came in.

after talking a minute to explain my challenges and results over the last transfer he cut me off and said "now i know that you have changed as a missionary and i want you to know that the lord is pleased with you, not yet impressed but very much pleased"

so its time to impress the lord

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

i went neck for neck with elder martinez

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