Monday, February 29, 2016

week 80


Well firstly an update on the biggest loser challenge.  Currently im in first place with an 8 pound weight lose so far.  Turns out that even though i can put on weight now i still shed it just as fast when i workout in the mornings.  still got it

Tomorrow were taking a plane to Barbados for the MLC with Elder Martinez of the seventy it should be fun and itll probably be my last MLC in barbados because im not confident ill stay ZL forever.  So ill make it count and take lots of pictures

Update on Yves Andre

celui qui allait se faire baptiser

Well everything was looking good till saturday for his interview.  We went on exchange so the DL could come interview him.  But yves was no where to be found.  When i got the news i hung up the phone and tossed it to the elder with whom i was doing the exchange and just started throwing a mini tantrum.

after trying to find some relief in attacking a couch i said a prayer.

And to paraphrase it or to put into words what i felt during this prayer would be

" it cant be that easy.  I want you to push yourself for this baptism"

so were going all out cutting the brakes no stopping till we get a baptism

sending love from barbados

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

yeah i drove the car all day with that without knowing, i dont know how im not dead

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