Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 15


Something about being 19 makes me feel old.  It kind of stinks because whenever I meet someone down here I make them guess my age and I always get a consistent answer of being 23-25. So when I tell them 18 they go crazy.  I guess 19 still is a jump but it just isn’t the same.  My last year being a teenager is going to be spent in complete service to the Lord and what’s better than that?  

My Birthday Celebration:

I was woken up to a nice hardy breakfast of eggs and brownies.  The brownies were from the Suriname trip from a few weeks back and they were so good.  After wolfing down some eggs and brownies the other elders came and picked up both Elder Smith and I and we headed into town.  There is a market every Saturday in downtown Cayenne and the youth of the church sell baked goods to raise money to go to the temple.  So we bought Tarts, Cake, some mango juice and other baked goods from them.  The elders all sang happy birthday to me in the van because it has air conditioning, and we didn’t want to leave it.
After they sang to me and wished me a happy birthday, they dropped us back off and it was time to work.  We worked all day and only stopped to get a drink of water and begin our fast at 1.  So we worked all day off of a healthy breakfast of brownie, cake, eggs, and tarts.  It was probably not such a good idea but what do you expect from two 19 year olds?  Anyhow, we worked until later at night, when the other set of elders had a baptism and we went to support the new convert.  Sister Mehr (The President’s wife) called me and wished me a happy birthday and the Assistants to the president called and sang me happy birthday.  The branch had a Halloween party since we as a church don’t really affiliate with all saints day.  Nothing is funnier than watching members jam out to an American song that they don’t understand any of the words to.  Overall, I don’t think that a missionary could have a better birthday.  The members all wished me a happy birthday and the sisters gave me a bundle of floops.  It was a good day to be a 19-year-old that’s for sure.  


Elder Logan Robert Sackley

My French hair cut in full effect (it has finally grown in to its potential)
birthday party! (with a home-made candle) 
All the languages I can speak...Not really...I try. 
the market
the market where we bought Saturday's breakfast
Elder Savage and I celebrating in the AC van
My Halloween Costume

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